Nintendo switch, PS4 and Xbox One games shocked all at E3 2017

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The gaming industry’s biggest video games trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has brought home a collection of some new implausible games. This past week, big companies brought loads of far-fetched new Nintendo switch, PS4 and Xbox One games trailers at E3 2017.

The trailers of these games totally blown up the players with their magnificence, the trade show revealed the trailers of some most awaited games which took the gaming world by storm.

Sony’s E3 conference was slightly wishy-washy, especially for the players who are looking out for something new, but Sony didn’t fail to impress its fans. The Insomniac’s Spider-Man and God of Wars; the two most extravagant games which left the people in awe with their spectacular looks which were seen in their game trailers.

The Xbox One kicked off the rest as Microsoft came up with a surprise but unfortunately, the Microsoft conference was taken over by the third-party publishers who came up with some amazing 4K trailers.

The Forza Motorsport 7 looked incredible on the big screen and the fans who were desperately wishing for an adventurous pirate game and the wish of those fans just came true as Microsoft released the trailer of the most adventurous sea game ‘Sea of Thieves’.

The main highlight of the Nintendo’s E3 2017, the Mario Odyssey was the center of the attention as it created a buzz all over after it was shown up in the video game trade show.

The glories of Xenoblade Chronicle, Yoshi and the Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild DLC 1 and Kirby flanked Mario as soon as their trailers were shown.

Most of the people believed that by bringing the big series games like The Crew 2, Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ubisoft has won the E3 2017.

Not just this, Ubisoft has revealed a bunch of new games; Skull & Bones (an adventurous sea combat), Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch, South Park phone Destroyer for smartphones and Battle of Atlas.

It’s in the nature of Bethesda to bring out something exceptional in the E3 conference. To kick-off the rest, Bethesda announced Doom and Fallout 4 along with most awaited game for Nintendo Switch Skyrim and as the trailers of these games were unveiled in the conference.

EA conquest the show by releasing the big trailers; the Star Wars Battle Front 2, Anthem and Need for Speed Payback. Together they all set the conference on fire which shows that EA has put on a brilliant show.

Loads of fantastic games trailers were launched in E3 2017, but some of them dominated the show. If you have missed them, don’t worry because we have listed some of the coolest games and their trailers from E3 2017 below, and these are worth watching.

Super Mario Odyssey:

The endlessly innovative and colorful game, Super Mario Odyssey has given a new life to the series. Water-squirting backpacks, flying suits, magic mushrooms were given to Mario in the previous games but this time Odyssey has brought something new but incredible.

To inhabit the inanimate objects and living creatures, Mario can make use of the cursed hat permits him to change into fascinating creatures and objects including statues, dinosaurs, taxis and all time favorite frog of the internet.


The wait is over, players who desperately waited for multiplayer combats can now enjoy spectacular combats across a post-apocalyptic Earth together because from the single-player RPGS Anthem has finally moved.

For combating with the enemies, the players can select their own sub-abilities and classes. Anthem’s flashy and sleek looks make it more daunting. And if the players want to travel beyond the human civilizations,  they will be facilitated with suit jetpacks which make the whole combat utterly more interesting.

Hidden Agenda:

A story of serial killers and cops that could be straight out coming out of a police bureaucrat but the way the story unfolds makes it more astonishing.

The developer is egging on the people for playing Hidden Agenda in groups, but a new addition which makes it more appealing is the players can control the narrative not by a controller but by their smartphones.

Playing Hidden Agenda in groups is a clever idea as a lot of people really enjoyed playing Supermassive last game Until Dawn together. A party game which can be enjoyed with friends just like watching a horror movie full of brutal murders and Hidden Agenda is somewhat similar to it but with a different plot.

A Way Out:

The EA game ‘A Way Out’ was also shown, the story of the game is somewhat different from the rest. The story is set in a prison, where you and your partner can control the two characters who are trying to escape in a thirst of taking revenge from the people who victimized them.

However, the game only works in ‘split-screen’ which shows you what your partner is up to and how your partner is tackling with the situation so you can out the mission to escape from the prison.

Star Wars: Battle Front 2

A new addition to the Star War game series ‘Star Wars: Battle Front 2′ trailer was released in the E3 which was heavily drawn from the Star Wars movie. The trailer shows the battle of Naboo’s capital city of Theed but the games seem to be more influential and dodgy than it seemed on-screen.

The battle in the trailer of the game seems to be appalling and interesting after the appearance of the most fancied characters.

Skull & Bones:

A sea-born battle game brought by Ubisoft that pits players against players and pirates against pirates which offer a variety of ships; from little sloops to the huge brig.

The ships are carefully designed, each ship servers for the different purposes during the sea battle and the let your crew sing the sea-shanties as the ship sails.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The PS4 exclusive trailer of ‘The Lost Legacy’ shows Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, the two main characters striving to keep the legacy alive. It’s battle between players for getting the valuable treasure.

The Lost Legacy endows us with a chance to get to know the two characters whom we have met in the previous legacies and the alliance between Chloe and Nadine which seems quite edgy.

Far Cry 5:

Far Cry 5 brings the most jovial canines as in the trailer, Boomer; a friendly dog can be used by the player for distracting the members or seeking out. Players can pick up human buddies too.

The catchy trailer also shows all the vehicles which players will able to pilot or drive, including farm threshers, aircraft, and the pickup trucks. But Boomer is the real star of the game, the dog mercilessly tear and chew enemies flesh and then fetch their weapons to you like a faithful dog.

These games have brought a new revolution in the gaming world; many other game trailers were also launched in E3 2017. EA game trailers: The Fifa 18, NBA Live 18 and Madden NFL 18 put on a good show whereas, the Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil impressed the players.

Nintendo’s Metroid Prime 4 trailer which created the hype all over the social media and lastly the overwhelming the trailers of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil within 2 took the attention of Bethesda’s fans.


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