Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ will be able to run games at 4K – Launching in 2021

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The Nintendo Switch first came out in March 2017. It caused quite the uproar. However, today a new rumor is in the air. Sources indicate that a brand new Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ model is in the works. Moreover, it’s set for a launch in the earlier months of 2021.

Economic Daily News, based in Taipei brought the news to light. Their contacts in Nintendo’s supply chain were cited regarding the information. Predictions about the upcoming Nintendo console being more powerful than its predecessor are up in the air.

Rumors are yet to be confirmed

There is no confirmation on the matter. Many believe that the new console is just a revised version. Minimal changes are expected. However, others believe that a brand new piece is being made as a follow-up to the Nintendo Switch Lite. Regardless, there is no confirmation at the moment.

Nintendo’s silence these past few months have also been taken into account. Many fans believe that the company is simply preparing itself for the grand launch of a fresh console.

There is no need to worry regarding the confirmation of this news. Many company events are planned in the near future so the confirmation shouldn’t be too far.

Nintendo is no stranger to rumors

Rumors surrounding the console have been up in the air since April. The reason being the discovery of a code-name in the 10.0.0 firmware. The code-name appears to suggest a fresh take on the upcoming model. One that is very different from what Nintendo is accustomed to.

Leaks suggested that the brand new Nintendo Switch Pro would only be compatible with a TV. A step away from the Switch’s brand image of being portable. Furthermore, many believe that the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be cheaper than its predecessor.

Nintendo Switch Lite Zelda
Nintendo Switch Lite
Source: iMore

Calcio and Copper

Calcio and Copper are two models of Nintendo that are yet to be released. Copper was initially released but removed after a hardware bug came about. Calcio hasn’t ever been released.

Fans are of the opinion that the upcoming model is more likely Copper than Calcio. Something about the features of Copper makes it the more appropriate guess.

There was no battery charging in the model and HDMI services closer to TV-only consoles were noticed. Moreover, the Mariko chip in Copper is not compatible with game cards made for portable game-devices. Furthermore, rumors about the new Switch being cheaper than the Lite points towards it being more Copper than Calcio.

Nintendo Switch Pro Features

The rumors also brought with them a full set of features that are expected for the new console. The new Nintendo Switch Pro could offer 4K resolution, with a TV output. Furthermore, a 1080p screen when the console becomes portable.

Additionally, the overall design is expected to be much sleeker. Also, storage is to be 128GB with 8GB RAM. In addition, the new Switch will come in two colors. Crisp white and midnight black. Finally, the hardware is rumored to be ARM-based.

Furthermore, we’ve also heard that Nintendo has been hard at work to eliminate the widespread drifting problem on their joy-cons so that’s probably been fixed in this new iteration as well.

DLSS could be huge for the Nintendo Switch Pro

One take of ours is that the new console with need DLSS. It’s a piece of AI machine learning technology introduced by Nvidia. DLSS is necessary since the console plans to run games at 4K resolution. The new Nintendo Switch can’t possibly be powerful enough to run a resolution that high on its own with it’s mobile Tegra chipset. Thus, it would require a little help that would come through the DLSS.


Since DLSS is an NVIDIA tech, it should, in theory, work for the Tegra as well. Furthermore, we’ve already seen how impressive DLSS 2.0 can be at upscaling lower-res to 4K and this could be the ultimate use case for that tech.

This would truly be quite a move. It’s commendable how Nintendo is doing all it can to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Offering 4K resolution through DLSS should be well received.

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