Nintendo Switch – One product with multiple gaming modes

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Paying for one gaming device and getting multiple game modes is not a joke, it has become reality with the release of all new and unique Nintendo Switch. Now a gamer can enjoy portable console at one time and transform it into a whole new home console easily with the wider picture at another time without buying any extra accessory.

It would be not wrong if we say, Nintendo is every gamer’ first love. From its beginning, it has released a lot of video games and portable consoles which can be easily handled by its users. It is always famous for its unique and innovative ideas and trying to be different from other companies. Due to its competitor, the market value of Nintendo devices was dropped down.

In order to regain its popularity, it has created an amazing and easy to go device, i.e. Nintendo Switch, which is a handheld device and home console at the same time. Within the first month of its launch, the skyrocketed sell prove that it has already attracted its buyer with its mesmerizing features. It is estimated that it would become the fastest-selling home console in coming months which is itself a comeback for gaming ancestor Nintendo in a highly advanced and fast pace world of games.

The exceptional hardware and hybrid design are easily adaptable in every circumstance, whether you want to play the game at home simply converts it into TV mode and enjoys HD quality video game or it can be used as a handheld mode to take it wherever you go. Also, share your gaming experience with your friend and family by playing together by flipping the stand and sharing the screen for the multiplayer game.


It cost $ 299.99 in the US

The cost of this device may vary from country to country as it is available in UK and Australia at the rates of £279.99 and $469.95 respectively.


The switchable products tend to provide a better gaming experience to its users and make people step into a whole new world of gaming.

Type: hybrid video game console

Memory: 4 GB

Weight: 297 grams

Removable memory: micro SD up to 2 TB

Storage: 32 GB of Internal Flash Memory

Screen and display: 6.2 inches portable device along with 1280×720 LCD

Sound: stereo speakers, headphones jack

Battery Time: up to 6 hours, it may vary due to usage

Resolution: 720 p

It comes in a beautiful and eye-catching packaging. When you unboxed the product you will get multiple devices along with a guide to help in understanding the game properly. It mainly works on three modes i.e. the design of this device little complicated as it comes with detachable devices which are multipurpose. The main console is stylish yet little heavier in weight it consists of a Dock which enables the user to attach the game to the television as it has USB ports in it.

Handheld mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

In order to transform this device into the different mode, it takes help of the accessories present in the box.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Joy – Con
  • Joy – Con Grip
  • Joy – Con Strap
  • HDMI cable which connects the device with TV
  • USB Type C power cable

The main body of the device is Nintendo Switch which design specifically to play games and already impressed thousands of buyer all around the world. It comes with a big screen that enables its users to play properly with HD quality of visuals. Also in order to avoid disturbance, it includes 3.5 mm audio jack that gives the experience of perfect audio along with the suitable video games.

It also has USB ports in it. The most important part of the device is detachable Joy – con that works as magic when you want it to use as a handheld device and can carry it to other places wherever you move. These controllers make it bigger than regular handheld devices making it a prominent feature and easy to use. Sometimes the device looks delicate because of the spaces present between the screen and the controller. It comes with a different slot to be utilized for different purposes.

If we place the device on a table with kickstand support convert it into “Tabletop Mode” through which it become portable device and user can enjoy playing games with the help of Joy – Con. The attention – grabbing part of this game is Nintendo Switch Dock which converts your TV into an HD video game device and brings life to video games through Joy – Con, that has advanced vibration feature built in it. Everyone can enjoy a different level of gaming while playing with your family and mates. The dock consists of 2 USB ports and electrical connectors.

It also consists of the most important part I.e. Joy – Con without which no one can experience video games. It consists of some buttons which are used to run the video. It is available in different colors any anyone can buy it in different colors.

The major drawback experienced by the user is proper handling of this gadget as it is provided with 8 different parts along with wire and other devices. The user finds difficulty in carrying accessories all in one go as it could be misplaced which lead the buyer to trouble as this device is useless if any of the pieces of equipment got lost.

Also, the wire provided by the company for attaching the dock with TV is not that long, therefore, provide disturbance in attaching it to TV. Although, the screen of Nintendo Switch is clear and proved to be great for playing video games, but the constant insertion of this device into dock can destroy the screen quality. One more cause of concern is gamers find it’s uncomfortable when Joy – Con is attached to Joy – Con Grip as it is not properly gripping due to its small size.

Every part of Nintendo Switch is unique in its own way. It has provided a wide variety of games to enjoy with friends, family or even an individual can enjoy this video game the fullest. Accompanied with the launch of Nintendo Switch the company also launched some mesmerizing games in order to compete with its competitors. The game which becomes a hit within the month of its launch is “The Legend of Zelda”. One needs to buy this gaming product to enjoy this compelling game.

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