Nintendo refreshes a classic console from the 80s with a special release

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Among the big releases of next-generation gaming solutions like the Xbox Series S, PS5, and the new RTX 30 series from NVIDIA, Nintendo has something completely different planned for gamers. To celebrate the anniversary of one of the classic games Super Mario Bros, from the 80s, Nintendo is releasing a special edition of their console. The console known as Game & Watch is one of the very first handheld gaming systems ever developed.

Older classics can benefit from new technology given a fair chance. Whether its an old console or a classic game, both have the potential for renewing. Not only does this give companies huge potential revenues, but it also brings back a lot of childhood memories for our generation. However, different companies have a different stance when looking at resurrecting the classics. Take a look at PS5, for example. While the gaming community was hyped to play older titles with RTX enabled, SONY announced that there would be no backward compatibility.

Source; Nintendo

Nintendo, on the other hand, has decided to release a reboot of their classic console Game & Watch. The new version will include three games of the classic games as well. These include”Super Mario Bros.,” “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels,” and the original fan-favorite “Ball.” Released back in 1980, the original Game & Watch has a simple layout. Two buttons, a black-and-white LCD screen, and a single game to play.

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An exciting feature in this console was that when users were not gaming, they could turn this device to a clock. The black and white screen also doubled as a digital clock display. With this relatively simple-looking specification of today, this console sold over 43.4 million units. The new version releasing now will have a full-color LCD screen, four-direction control pad, and A/B buttons. The latest release also comes with a type C port for various reasons. In addition to the improved layout, the developers have also hidden several easter eggs and references throughout the refreshed game.

The Games:

Talking about the three upcoming games with the console. “Ball” is one of the Game & Watch’s classic titles with only a straightforward objective. Help a juggler keep two balls in the air. The players had to use two buttons on the device to maneuver the character. In this update, however, they have changed the juggler character.

Since this release celebrated 35 years of Supre Mario Bros. This time around, we will get to see The Italian plumber in Ball. In addition to Ball, players will also get the NES version of Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. The two games will play absolutely amazing on this upgraded hardware. It is really a big nostalgic release for retro gamers and Nintendo fans.

Source: Nintendo

Keeping aside the games for a second, one of the other coolest features of the original Game and Watch was the ability to double it as a clock. While there is no news of an alarm clock support this time but we do get some colorful watch faces. So for those looking for a retro desk clock, look no more. There are 35 amazing different clock animations, which include guest appearances from characters of the Super Mario game universe.

The preorders for the new Nintendo Game & Watch are open right now. However, the official release is scheduled for November 13th. The device will retail for 49.99$, which is pretty close to the original release if we factor in devaluation etc. Preorders are open throughout the world, and we recommend getting them right now because once these releases, they will probably sell really fast.

That is all the information we have on the new special edition release. Be sure to let us know in the comments which one of the new features you like the most.

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