Nintendo Direct 2019: All The Latest Updates, News and Announcements

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The Japanese multinational gaming company is looking forward to roundup this year with an abundance of exciting AAA game titles for its Nintendo Switch Console.

They aired a 40 minutes long Nintendo Direct 2019 presentation in which they uncovered plenty of exciting stuff, some of which were showcased to the consumers for the first time.

The presentation was primarily focused on the upcoming Switch games. In case you missed out the presentation, we have got you covered. Here we have recap all the biggest announcements and details from the event so read on.

Overwatch For Nintendo Switch Confirmed:

Image: Engadget

The first major announcement was the release of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch which will be arriving to the console on October 15th. The new port promises to deliver complete gyro control and features all the details and content of the other version.

Nintendo is offering a great deal for $40 that bundles 14 special skins and a three month Nintendo Switch Online subscription so you can get started with any of the game modes.

SNES Titles Confirmed For the Switch:

Image: Nintendo

The next big update was that SNES games are finally coming to the handheld console. They will also offer some other retro titles but currently, 20 classic games have been added to the library.

This will include popular titles like Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox and more. The games are available for free if you have subscribed to the annual Nintendo Switch Online membership.

To get the more retro vibe you can also order the new custom wireless version of the classic SNES controller. The controller will go on sale for $29.99 and will be exclusive for to the Switch Online members.

Addition Of New Characters in Super Smash Bros:

Image: Nintendo

One of my all-time favorite game character, Terry Bogard from the classic Neo Geo fighting series Fatal Fury has been added to the Super Smash Bros. Terry is the fourth out of five DLC characters that have been added to the game.

Other new characters revealed are the N64 ultimate Banjo and Kazooie. The pair is available as a single pack which can be accessed through the Fighter Pass DLC. The new 5 DLC fighters pack is available for $24.99 or you can also pick a single character for $5.99.

Little Town Hero Will Be Out Next Month:

Image: Nintendo

A new game by Pokémon Studio GameFreak has been uncovered as Little Town Hero which will be arriving on October 16th. The game will feature music composed by Undertale creator Toby Fox.

Nintendo has also added three new features to Pokémon Sword and Shield. There is a camp mode where you can play with your Pokémon as the character. The character-customization system has also been updated and there will be a new set of Pokémon coming to the Galar region.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to Nintendo Switch:

Image: GameSpot

The 2012 Wii U gems Xenoblade Chronicles and Tokyo Mirage Sessions will be heading for the console next year on January 17. The Nintendo Switch library already contains a lot of Wii U titles and not many are left to go. The Switch version will include new story elements, new songs, and new characters.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 New Mode:

Image: Nintendo

A new mode by the name of “Scream Park” has been added to Luigi’s Mansion 3 which will allow 2-8 players to compete in a battle against each other to capture the most ghosts.  Additionally, Nintendo also highlighted several new floors of Luigi’s Mansion 3’s hotel.

So these were all the major announcements from Nintendo Direct, some other ports and remasters have also been announced but not many details have been shared about them. I hope you enjoyed the roundup. Tell us what you think about it the comments section below, and stay tuned for more coverage.

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