Nexium (NXC), a cryptocurrency used for in-game purchases of ‘Beyond the Void’

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Beyond the Void game is much popular amongst people. It is an ongoing Technique/RTS computer-based game. To get an idea of what it is, it’s comparable to DOTA 2 in space. Two players play against each other on a space front line trying to get control over the cosmic system. As a mercenary captain, you are in command of a mothership. In order to win and excel in the game, make a strong force that could conquer your enemy’s home planet.

What makes beyond The Void game different for other computer games is the fact that it uses a cryptocurrency called the Nexium (NXC). And this very crypto coin would be our point of discussion today.

It’s the world’s first indie game to implement Ethereum blockchain technology. The Economy of Beyond the Void is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which can be used with tokens called Nexium. As it is the standard token smart contract, it can be used in Mist (the official Ethereum Wallet). It can then be used to buy all assets of Beyond the Void.


What is Nexium

In the gaming world as we know cryptocurrency trend has been adaptive and a number of crypto coins have been used for in-game purchases. Similarly, Nexium is another of those crypto coins that one can use to buy stuff in a game to boost the gameplay. Since Nexium is new it is preferred perfect in the gaming industry and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The multi-billion gaming industry no longer relies on big game studios like Valve, EA Sports, and Ubisoft.

Beyond The Void is a MOBA game; MMORPGs and MOBA games are a most popular genre in games these days. Beyond The Void is a free-to-play game that has more than one in-game cryptocurrency economy. This itself proves that the use of digital coins in games is nothing new, rather has been going on for a while, even when Bitcoin, was not that much of popular.

Even though many people associate the Nexium coin with Beyond The void game, NXC can be used in other games too. In order to increase the influence of the coin in the gaming industry, the creator of Beyond The Void game, Maxence Burgel announced the launch of an ICO. The NXC portrays a stake in the in-game cryptocurrency.

Behind the scenes of Nexium

Nexium is tokens created for Beyond The Void within the Ethereum Blockchain. You can’t mine those, you will have to buy them.

During ICO, gamers, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts buy the Nexium (NXC) token and own the game alongside with other producers and developers. The NXC tokens have a very amazing feature of not only being used in a single game to buy items, rather be also used by gamers to be traded with other gamers. Added to this the Gamers possessing NXC can use them on different cryptocurrency platform.

The partnership between Beyond The Void NXC and OpenLedger offers investors opportunities to participate in the crowdfunding campaign. All those Investors and gamers belonging to the cryptocurrency community get the amazing opportunity to buy the coin tokens on the game website. They can at the same time subscribe for the tokens on the ICO platform. They can also buy ICO digital tokens as they allow investors and gamers to buy into all the crowdsale including NXC.

Briefly the following points sum up what Nexium is and what it has to offer;

– 100 000 000 NXC created using a smart contract (the amount is fixed)
– They can’t be mined
– 15% are set apart for the founders
– 15% are spent on the promotion of the project
– 70% are on the market for backers
– All the unsold Nexium will be burnt (meaning destroyed)
– They can be spent in the game’s shop or traded

Standing in the coin market

Currently trading at 0.7 US dollars here is what the Nexium chart looks like,

This pretty much sums up the altcoin of the day, Nexium. Stay tuned for more juicy updates from the crypto world.

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