New Video and Sketches lead show a possible new iPhone SE 2 resembling iPhone X – Maybe…. Maybe Not

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Apple usually releases a lower model device in the form of iPhone SE to cater for people looking for the best phone in a lower budget. The iPhone SE is due an upgrade, and now a new video leak shows a glimpse of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 for the first time.

Surprisingly, the iPhone SE 2 shown in the video is physically quite similar to the might Apple iPhone X, except the fact that it is smaller in size. Also, the material used to wrap the body of the iPhone SE 2 is flattened aluminum rather than the stainless steel wraps found in iPhone X. Therefore, since the current iPhone SE also has aluminum steel wraps, so maybe to cut down the costs Apple decided to stick with this.

The front screen shows the much famous notch on the display which started with the iPhone X and now has been copied by a lot of other companies in their phone designs. Continuing with the legacy, iPhone SE 2, would attract those who couldn’t buy the pretty higher end model i.e. iPhone X, at an affordable price. Not only this, but the camera has two lenses and it is going to be oriented vertically too. This offers strong resemblance to the current iPhone X.

In the video which alleges to show iPhone SE 2 is presumably fake since the layout maybe tries to match that of iOS, but it certainly is just another iPhone clone; Just an Android phone trying to look like an iOS based device.

It has been speculated that the iPhone SE 2 might not see the light at all. Though the phone expects an upgrade, since the last SE was released in 2016, it is up to Apple to release a newer product. Furthermore, the famous Apple notch is a temporary solution to cover more screen with respect to the body. In the future, Apple expects to have a nearly 100 percent screen to body ratio phone.

Another reason why this video appears to be fake is that the new OLED screen technology is expensive. The Apple’s new True Depth camera and sensor solution add further to the cost. It is unlikely that Apple could fit in these technologies in a low-cost SE 2. The Face ID isn’t going to be there as well since it adds a huge amount. So if there isn’t Touch ID nor Face ID, surely they don’t expect us to unlock the phone again with a passcode.

On the contrary, there have been sketches portraying to be the new iPhone SE 2. These sketches released in time with the video, and are also quite similar to the phone shown, might just be another coincidence. Maybe these sketches would rather be the newer model iPhone X upgrade Apple plans to sell for the cost-cutting.

According to KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple does plan to release 3 new models out by this September. Though, if Apple did want to release an iPhone SE 2, there would have been validated leaks out by now. Since the WWDC is near and there isn’t any sure news of the newer SE, it is safe to say that sadly, SE 2 isn’t going to see the light.

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