New Snapchat filters for only iPhone X users? Seems like Apple’s own Agenda

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When Apple released its Apple iPhone X back in September 2017, it wasn’t just the FaceID feature that caught attention. Courtesy advanced facial recognition the phone is known to support accurate Animojis which is the Apple’s version of Face emojis as well. Now Snapchat is making use of the advanced hardware which the Apple’s latest flagship offers and has introduced some pretty cool iPhone X only lenses.

To bring out the special Snapchat lenses for the iPhone X, it took the Snapchat team almost three months.

Now the augmented reality-based Snapchat filters are finally available but only for the iPhone X users. Though, to our dismay, only 3 lenses could be developed over nearly half a year. The lenses look pretty cool in the sense that it seems like they are there on your skin. Though, suspicions also arise, that maybe Apple itself was along this idea and may have supported it too.

As to why Apple would support it, the reason is simple: Apple wants to sell off its iPhone X which sales have halted after an initial good run. This is because the phone is so expensive priced above $1000, that whoever was going to looking to buy a phone as of now, is hesitating if it is worth spending the money now when the new iPhone is coming near soon in September.

Some have even moved on to Android phones like Samsung and Google or the best value for money, One Plus. Apple Animoji is one thing which differentiates their product from the rest, so maybe by supporting Augmented Reality and now the all-new Snapchat lenses with expectedly more to follow, Apple might have been tempting mobile owners to upgrade or buy the new iPhone X.

Coming back to the lenses, you would need to update your Snapchat to the latest version on your iPhone X. Even after the update, if the lenses do not appear, then you should try to force kill the app. Then, open it again, and find the lenses at the front of your lenses row.

Diamond mask with the flower crown

This one is surely for all the females out there. The lens simply makes your look majestic, courtesy a bejeweled mask encrusted with diamonds on your face and a flower crown on your head. Not only this, but your face will appear as if you are blushing. Mix up a bit of Mascara and an eyeliner, and surely you would seem someone of great value.

When you change the direction your head is, the diamonds on the face shall be sparkling too. Along with this, there would also be a change in shadow level in the flower crown.

Luchador mask

The mask is pretty minimalistic as compared to other lenses, though it downright works to tell you how the Apple iPhone X’s Snapchat lenses work. The mask seems to attach to your face pretty decently, and stays there even when you move around. There are also some lighting effects, which seem to make you appear better and your skin to glow.

Porcelain mask with the rose crown

This is yet another of the great release. Your whole face is covered in porcelain and a gold colored rose crown. It seems pretty slick when you look at it.

Sadly these updates are only for the iPhone X. We hope that Apple also supports the previous iPhone models as well so that Snapchat can release such amazing lenses for them too. To be honest, we don’t think that Apple would do so for the older models, since it wants to sell the iPhone X.

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