New Pano-S 8K 360 VR camera lets you record 4K videos and capture 8K images

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Virtual Reality Cameras just got an update: Pano-S 8K 360 VR camera joins the lineup. Everyone these days is slowly becoming accustomed to the term ‘VR’. The term got popularity when Samsung and others released their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, which lead people to finally experience it on their very own smartphone.

Then, again to experience VR, there is a VR specific video, which is shot from a camera which is able to record in Virtual Reality. Now comes the all-new Pano-S 8K 360 VR camera in play.

Though this camera isn’t intended for the amateur. Of course, nobody is stopping them from buying but its rather made from professionals. This ultra-high resolution camera is all set to record 360 VR images and videos. The motto is quite straightforward and pertaining to the current situation in the VR industry: “Bring Virtual Reality to Life.”

Not only this, but the camera isn’t that expensive either, but would go easy on pockets for professional especially. You can record videos at 4K resolution while photos can be taken at whopping 8K resolution leading to Ultra Clear pictures. The camera in whole is made up of six cameras in total. Courtesy the Autopano switching software, it enables the Pano-S to have a high-quality panoramic image.

Though the camera hasn’t yet entered into production, it is simply amazing as you can see in the images. The company which is going to make the camera requires that £36,000 must be raised. They are on track to raise this amount through their Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

Not only this, but the camera doesn’t weigh much either, but only just 0.65 kg. That’s very surprising considering the fact that there are six fish-eye lenses along with an aluminum allow outer casing which helps in keeping the weight low. Therefore, this makes the camera portable and easy to carry. This would mean that it won’t be a hassle to take 360 degrees VR photos or record 4K videos anywhere you want.

Moreover, the camera is powered by a 6,000 mAh internal battery. This battery size just makes it optimal to take enough images and record videos, as the battery would last 3 hours and an hour respectively with the video being 360 4K one. Furthermore, the Pano-S records videos in the MP4 format. The Pano-S 360 is also equipped with a built-in microphone and 2.4RF remote.

According to the team which developed the Pano-S 360 VR Camera, the “best partner for Pano S, Autopano provides advanced image processing and amazing photo retouching. It can deliver end-to-end post, from ingestion to 30 frames high-quality stitching to encoding, or can be a powerful first-step in your editing workflow.”

If you want to take a look yourself at the camera, then you can head over to the company’s Kickstart website here at:

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