New leaks show Catchy Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung has blown up the market and the rivals after launching the two latest flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it seemed that the note series will end but Samsung is all set to bring back the big screen smartphone Galaxy Note 8.

Numerous leaks are circulating over the internet related to the upcoming flagship device which will beat Samsung’s own Galaxy S series. According to the rumors, Galaxy Note 8 is in the development and possibly will launch in the month of August.

It seems like it’s becoming complicated for Samsung to keep the device specifications a secret, the device specifications has been leaked out almost three times and according to the leaks, this smartphone can be the most elating smartphone of the year 2017.

The pioneering design and key features show that Samsung has done hard work in re-designing the upcoming smartphone. The latest rumors came from a Chinese website (via Slashleaks) who posted a photo, showing the rear side of the phone.

Samsung Note 8 will be the first handset of Samsung which will support a Dual rear camera that is vertically aligned, similar to Apple’s new upcoming iPhone 8.

Samsung positioned the fingerprint sensor under the rear camera in Galaxy S8 and S8+ which is a nightmare for all the users as it usually causes smudge on the camera of the phones.

But according to the leaks, the fingerprint sensor will likely to be entrenched into the display of Note 8 and this will be indeed a promising step taken by Samsung if the rumors are factual.

The reason behind the success of Galaxy S8 and S8+ is the reduction in the bezel size of the smartphones but Note 8 will be soon challenging the latest flagship devices in this category.

According to the Weibo claims, the Galaxy Note 8 is thinner than Galaxy S8+ as its top bezel measures just 6.7mm thick whereas the bezel of S8+ measure 7mm. The display ratio of the S8+ is terribly amazing if compared to other Samsung smartphones.

But Note 8 will beat S8+, the smartphone is expected the have a huge 6.4 inches display. So it seems like the screen-to-body ratio champion is about to hit the market.

Samsung is following the edge-to-edge tradition as it can be clearly seen in the newest devices (S8 and S8+) and it seems like this feature will be part of the upcoming big screen smartphone of Samsung.

Slashleaks leaked new photos along with a video which shows the front panel of Note 8 which  shows that new leaks have corroborated with previous rumors.

Though these are the rumors only; Samsung has not officially unveiled any specifications or features of Galaxy Note 8. But it seems like Samsung is trying to address the shortcomings of the company.

Users are keenly waiting for this awe-inspiring big screen smartphone, but the question is if Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be able to defeat the new upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 or not?

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