New IOS 10.3.1 PanGu Jailbreak Update-min

New iOS 10.3.1 PanGu Jailbreak Update

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If you’re a tech freak and love exploring the system of smartphones you might have, at least for once, tried ‘Jailbreaking’, but if you have no idea what that is, read ahead!

Ever since the Apple smartphones came out, they were really appreciated by the users and have always been in top demand as Apple had sold off billions of units in the past years. Even though there are millions of die-hard-apple-fans but they know that buying an iOS device makes your activity in the smartphone very limited, if you start comparing iOS with Android, you can tell the difference between these two operating systems.

Android is an open source whereas iOS has very limited activities for the users.Like you can only install applications from the AppStore, you cannot change your iPhone’s font or theme or how your iOS looks. That is because Apple has kept all of these things away from its users and it sometimes becomes a headache.  I have seen so many people switching from Apple to Android, just because they have limited activity and they cannot do a modification to their iOS.

So in other words, there are so many people who like the Apple devices but are not happy with all these restrictions and they seek ways to customize and modify their iOS devices according to their own wish, and that is where the concept of Jailbreak kicks in.

What is jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is a method of breaking into your iPhone’s file systems and to gain full access of the iOS device.

Basically, Jailbreak enables you to get the full access of your iOS device including iPhones and iPads and lets you download software from the other sites and sources, including third party apps.

The reason it’s been called JAILBREAK is that it’s an act of escaping from your iOS device figurative “JAIL”. Jailbreak allows you to gain the full access of the file system of your iOS device and it enables you to modify your phone in many ways from the smallest change to a change phone’s interface completely. Jailbreak has the power to do it all.

Here’s another thing you need to understand the concept of Jailbreaking before we go up furthering and learn more about it, there is a big difference between UNLOCKING your iOS device and Jailbreaking it, by UNLOCKING your iPhone means that your iOS device i.e. iPhone and iPad that are sold as a contract from a specific network provider like O2, T-Mobile etc. This means that you can only use that very particular network’s sim to use your iPhone, and UNLOCKING your device means you are no more bound with the one network sim anymore and you can use your iOS device with any sim around the world, however unlocking your iPhone is considered as a breach of your mobile phone contract.

Why Should you Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking an iOS device is relatively easy. Jailbreak depends upon several points including the version of the iOS (most important), then the model of your phone and the last there should be a Jailbreak available for the model and software version of your iOS device.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should try Jailbreaking your phone and what will you get out of it.

  • You have every right to explore your phone after you paid for it, so you should get the full advantage of it.
  • Without a jailbreak, you can only do what Apple wants you to do unless you Jailbreak your phone.
  • You are no more bound to download only from the App Store, you can download apps from other sources too i.e. Cydia (the source you get after Jailbreaking your phone which lets your download software and third-party apps in your iOS devices).
  • You can customize your phone in every way, from changing the whole theme of your phone to changing the font size and color along with shape, size, and display of your phone’s icons.
  • You can use alternative apps instead of the default apps and can hide the ones you don’t have any use for.
  • You can tether your Mac to your phone and bypass your network’s hotspot feature that is usually restricted or expensive.
  • And lastly you have a full control over your iOS device, you can create gestures along with using the customization of your phone’s buttons, you can use the home button to lock your device etc. That’s just one example out of hundreds you can do to your iOS device when it’s jailbroken.

Things You Should Consider Before Jailbreaking your iOS Device

Apple is always trying to make it difficult for the hackers and programmers to create a Jailbreak tool, however if you have jailbroken an iOS device in the previous iOS versions like iOS 7 or iOS 8 you’d know that Jailbreaking the device back then was much easier than it is now! Especially Ever since the iOS 10 was released, many hackers gave up on jailbreak because Apple made it really difficult for them to hack into the file system of the iOS and make it possible to Jailbreak your phone.

Even though I am totally in favor of the concept of Jailbreaking, however, I would still want you to consider a few points if you are planning to get your iOS device Jailbreak.

  • Your phone’s warranty will become void the moment you Jailbreak your iPhone.
  • Jailbreaking your phone might make it vulnerable, and you might face some troubles like crashy apps, slow and laggy iOS and malware. Which is more like using an Android OS.
  • Jailbreaking your iPhone can become a headache sometimes, you cannot upgrade your phone with every software update because that will remove your jailbreak and then you have to get through the process all over again.
  • Jailbreak is not available for every version of the software so you’d have to keep that particular software version on your iOS device that can be jailbroken, and if you update your software, your jailbreak will be gone.
  • If you are a normal user and are totally fine with your iOS device, you don’t need to jailbreak your phone just to see how it works, you need to understand it fully before you try it.

How to Jailbreak

Here are some of the basics to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Before performing a jailbreak you’d have to backup your phone because jailbreak will erase all your data and will factory reset your iPhone.

Lets say the current version of apple’s iOS is 10.3.3 and its jailbreak is available, you’d first have to update and restore your iPhone to the current version.

PanGu, a Chinese jailbreak company is the best tool of choice for jailbreak these days, you’d have to download the relevant file from PanGu’s official website on your PC or MAC and you have to connect your phone with the MAC or PC, exiting from the iTunes, you will run that file on your PC or MAC and its should Jailbreak your iPhone without any hassle and an icon of CYDIA will appear on your phone. Be sure to follow the instruction carefully.

Is Jailbreak Legal and Safe?

Yes, to our knowledge Jailbreak is considered totally LEGAL at least in America, Jailbreaking is considered as “an exception to the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act”. So it’s totally fine to jailbreak your phone, after all, it’s your property.

As far as the “safety” is concerned, yes it’s safe, Jailbreak won’t blow up your phone or put it on fire. However, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend you either. If you follow the rules, you would not do it. Jailbreaking is basically not for the normal users or someone who doesn’t have any idea about the software.

New IOS 10.3.1 jailbreak update-min

Jailbreak Update

Every time when a jailbreak is released or the jailbreak community releases a tool that indicates a flaw in Apple’s iOS, Apple notices it and tries to cover it with the updates in the software. And that mean the jailbreak that was available for a specific software version won’t work with the updated version of the software because Apple has covered that loop or mistake and now the programmers of the Jailbreak would have to look for another loop or mistake or flaw in the iOS to create a jailbreak.

This is way Jailbreak these days are taking longer to appear and they are not easy like they used to be in the previous software versions.

The current Chinese Jailbreaking team PanGu a few months back announced that they will be releasing a jailbreak of the current version of the iOS i.e. 10.3.1 as soon as Apple releases the next version 10.3.2, however its been a few weeks that the new version of Apple’s iOS has rolled out, but there are no signs of PanGu’s new jailbreak.

Some people have even started saying that we should not hope for a new Jailbreak release because, after the iOS 10, many big players in the game have quit and declared that they will be no longer pursuing these Jailbreaking activities.

But there is some unverified news that PanGu is still working on the new Jailbreak and the word is it will be out in August this year. Well we can just wait and see if it is going to be true or not.

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