New exciting emojis in the upcoming Apple iOS 11.1 beta 2 update

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With changing times the expressions in terms of language and words have gone through a remarkable change. The sentences have shortened to little segments, with the introduction of slang words.

The once held up greeting consisting of “How do you do dear sir/madam” has been reduced to Sup? And now-a-days a simple emoticon is enough to express various emotions and feelings. Whether it be your love for someone, a feeling of extreme hate, some wry humor, basically anything and everything.

Well Apple has just included a couple of more to the already present collection of the emojis. You will get to see them in the beta version of iOS 11.1; the characters are a part of Unicode, which added 56 new emojis. Apple is revealing over 30 of its new designs today in addition to the handful the company put out on World Emoji Day earlier this year.

Android Oreo already has the equivalent characters, and although the vast majority of Android users aren’t yet running that version of the software, app developers are now able to build in support for new emoji even for people on older Android builds.

It’s not clear exactly when Apple plans to release the beta 2 version of iOS 11.1 or versions of macOS and watchOS containing the new emoji, but they’ll be available in the beta version of iOS 11.1 next week.

With the addition of the emojis, Apple has kept certain user demands in mind, and what’s cool about these new emojis is that they include gender-neutral characters and mythical creatures too. From expressive emoticons, to different seasons, clothing options, food types, hearts, animals and fitness emojis they have got it all covered!



A little insight on what to expect:

In the food section, the Chinese takeout box makes its place, accompanied with broccoli and a pie.

Moving on, the weather and season’s section holds its surprises. Having all the clothing supplies; with a neck scarf, gloves, a P-cap and a trench coat.

Animals too have made their way into the emoticons with a couple of additions this time. A couple of very strange animals are added including a dinosaur, probably a Brachiosaurus. A hedgehog, cricket, a giraffe, and finally a zebra have for now completed the Animal section of the emojis.

The heart rainbow kind of gets completed with the addition of an orange heart. If you see indigo and violet in the same light, your perfect little heart rainbow is ready to express your love.

The mythical creatures include a vampire, a pixie, a mermaid, a wizard and a genie look-a-like. So far the most interesting section and completely a new addition to the emoji library.

Unicode 10 made the smiley faces cutting edge expressive, with extreme anger shown by foul mouthed emoji, and the pin drop silence indicating emoji, plus don’t forget the weird crazy emoji with tongue out.


Some sports related emojis have also been added aiming to make these fitness conscious people happy. Apart from this some user demanded emoticons like “Woman with Headscarf,” “Bearded Person,” and “Breastfeeding” have also been added to the lot.

As of now no official date has been set for the release of these emoticons, but those eager beavers can have a preview in the upcoming Beta release of iOS 11.1, next week. Express yourself the emoji way!!

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