New 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman GTS: More Power, Greater Performance options

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The latest GTS-badged Boxster and Cayman are here, and it would be a splendid surprise for those who wanted a little more power from their two seaters. The two seaters highlight the power and standard performance features which are not common in the other variants.The formula used here takes from the one used the GTS-badged 911 and Macan models.

What you do not get is the six cylinders rather those are knocked out for the turbo 4 cylinders. What you would find appealing in the GTS is the power increase and the uprated chassis, so yeah its not that bad of a deal.

Engine Specs

Under the hood of the Boxter you would come across the turbo 4 with 2 litre capacity each, collectively producing 300 hp. Or there would be 2.5 litre capacity turbo charged and dry sumped flat four to drive the rear wheels. This is brought about by either using a six speed manual transmission or a seven speed automatic one!

Overall every feature has gone trough an upgrade. The output from the turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four has increased and it now yields a 180-mph top speed. In case of power, it has increased by 35 hp  and so is the torque which has been uplifted to 309 for manual cars and 317 for the automatic ones. According to Porsche the extra power is a consequence of a redesigned engine and  an “optimized” turbocharger.

Exterior Elegance

Before going into what the GTS is made off let us enjoy the sight it has to offer. The striking exteriors accentuate forward thrust particularly due to the presence of sharp edges and black accents. The rear is contoured and along with the tail lights it gives an over all classy look to the car. The Bi-Xenon main headlights, makes the overall look bright.

The 20inch Carrera S wheels are another highlight of the new model. This versatile design is perfect for to ensure solid road holding. And added to this, there is a collection of such wheels to choose from to make your GTS personalized!

Interior Design

The inside gives a good sporty feel to the driver. At the same time the availability of everything and anything on the dash board helps with the driving assistance. The Alcanatara covered steering wheel and gear, give the firm grip one needs in an intense drive. The leather encased interior coupled with few other nifty things gives an overall decent appeal to the GTS and let us not forget the extreme adrenaline rush that hits, of just being seated in one of the GTS is worth dying for.

Price plus other contenders

The GTS goodies don’t come cheap: Base price for the Cayman GTS is $80,850, and $82,950 for the Boxster. And that is a lot to pay for the supposed entry level cars. Additionally to the starting prices of the two beauties, the prices tends to double up once you start adding other options to it.

And keeping that in view, we might have some competitors out there in the auto market. Alpine’s new A110 coupe, can be regarded as a potential contender. So yeah we would have a hell of a show with these vehicles in for the time.

Deliveries of the 2018 cars probably going to begin at around March 2018. But the prices seem wayyy too much for a poor old me, so yeah I would just enjoy seeing them from afar!

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