Netgear Orbi Router

NetGear Orbi: The perfect remedy to Wi-Fi ‘Deadzones’

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We all want to throw our phones when suddenly in the middle of something, the WiFi signal drops altogether. The most common reason is all the WiFi dead zones, we have in our homes. The solution is simple: Get a WiFi router which has a satellite. Number one on the list would be the NetGear Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System.

Netgear Orbi Router
Netgear Orbi Router


The design is pretty minimalistic, yet elegant to look at. It’s a flat shaped and appears like an oval cylinder from the top. Both the Router and it’s satellite appear the same. It’s not something you would want to hide away, but can be easily placed out there in the open.

There is a USB 2.0 port on both the satellite as well the router itself. This means you can easily access content over the network if an external storage medium is plugged into the port. Though, the file access speed would be slower as compared to the USB 3.0 port in routers these days.

There are 4 ethernet ports as well on both the satellite and the router. The minor difference would be that one of the ports on the   router itself, is a WAN port. This means you could connect your existing internet broadband modem to it. Along with these, there is a sync button to sync the router and satellite together.

Netgear Orbi Router
Netgear Orbi Router

Specs and Performance

As for the specification, the router has 4 GB of flash memory to sustain its software on. Along with this is 512 MB of RAM, which is enough for smooth internet connectivity. The router employs a FastLane Technology, through which a dedicated Wi-Fi backhaul creates better 4K HD streaming & gaming, even when multiple devices are connected.

Moreover, with simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi system, you can easily cover up to a 5000 sq ft area courtesy the high performance AC3000 Wi-Fi. Furthermore, both the devices have 6 internal Wi-Fi antennas with high powered amplifiers to give you the range you need in those dead zones. In addition to this, the router also supports beamforming for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This ensures, that Wireless signals are targeted where they are needed the most, instead of just spreading them around.

Netgear Orbi Wifi system
Netgear Orbi Wifi system

Furthermore, the device is fully MU-MIMO capable which is the latest upgrade in routers. This ensures simultaneous data streaming on multiple devices. Not only this, but it also ensures you have future proofed yourself. Though, using MU-MIMO also needs an MU-MIMO compatible client.

Ease of Use and Easy to Setup

You need not need to have multiple Wi-Fi names courtesy the Netgear Orbi Router and it’s satellite, even for your whole home. Furthermore, a secure home Wi-Fi network can be created without any hassle through the Orbi app or through a web browser. The Orbi App is available for both iOS and Android as well.

Furthermore, courtesy Amazon Alexa or The Google Assistant, voice control is possible too for the router as well. Not only this but through Circle with Disney Smart Parental Controls, you can easily manage content and time online on any device.

The device would cost you a hefty US$292.00 to US$399.99. But courtesy the seamless Wi-Fi networking you can get along with the range of ports available on both the router and the satellite, the price tag is worth the buck.


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