Netflix lets you watch shows for FREE with its new non-subscriber library

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Netflix has officially revealed its latest promotion. The “Watch Free” Library for Non-Subscribers. Through this promotion, Netflix allows non-subscribers to watch a selective number of Netflix Original movies. Moreover, non-subscribers can also enjoy television show episodes for free.

Watch Free Library

They have introduced a new “Watch Free” page for streaming on their website. It invites customers to experience some of its original content without any subscription fee. Netflix claims itself to be the ultimate stop for one’s entertainment requirements. Netflix’s marketing mantra is that the customers should take a look for themselves by utilizing the Watch Free feature.

Netflix Original Movies

Netflix has some exceptionally successful original movies. A smart move was adding some of those movies to their current batch of free samples. Sandra Bullock’s suspense thriller Bird Box is one which is a part of the Watch Free Library. The movie gained extreme popularity also because of the memes that made rounds.

Moreover, the famous biopic, The Two Popes is also there.  It got the honor to be nominated in the Oscars. Netflix’s most popular release from 2019, Murder Mystery, is on the list as well. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler and is now available for everyone to stream for free.

Netflix Original TV Shows

Netflix has capitalized on the TV show industry as well. There are some popular original shows such as Stranger Things, Elite and Grace, and Frankie. The pilot episodes for these shows are also being streamed for free through the Watch Free promotion.

Moreover, shows such as When They See Us and famous reality show Love is Blind are also part of the promotion. Furthermore, the Emmy-award winning show Our Planet and Boss Baby: Back in Business are also on the list.

Netflix Original: Two Popes
Netflix Original: Two Popes
Source: Bustle

How to access the offer?

According to Netflix’s corresponding support webpage, non-subscribers can access the Watch Free Library only through a web browser on their PC or laptops. Non-subscribers can also access it using their Android devices. This feature is not supported by iOS browsers and Apple devices at the moment.

Why is Netflix obsessed with original content?

Netflix is known to spend extensive amounts of money over the years. Especially on original streaming content. One can tell how much obsessed Netflix is with original content just by seeing the number of original releases by the platform every year. Having enough original content allows the ever-growing streaming platform to always be one step ahead of its competitors.

Netflix has adopted this strategy because the industry is becoming extremely crowded. Hence, it needs original and unique content to stand out. Moreover, earlier this year it was forecasted that the company would be spending around $17.3 billion on new original content for the year 2020. That is $2 billion more than what had been spent in 2019 ($15.3 billion).

In Conclusion

Netflix has evolved over the years and has taken a more customer-centric approach. From starting their own original movies and TV shows to eventually allowing non-subscribers to stream some of its best content, Netflix continues to expand through inclusivity.

It is an informative platform and that makes viewers feel comfortable in trusting such a platform. The Watch Free promotion itself seems very promising and can be seen as something that would contribute to the company’s success.

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