Nest Secure: Home Security System – Hands-On Review

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Nest is back in action with its entirely new product family called the ‘Nest Secure’, a completely new smart security system designed to make home security super simple, super intuitive and super secure.

The company took wraps of their biggest home security alarm system at a hardware event in San Francisco on 20th September.

Nest Secure is a combination of three main components Nest Guard, Nest Tags and Nest Detect.

All the components are in white color which would help them to blend in white walls. The company has succeeded in making an attractive and sleek security system which is ready to fit in with a nice home’s design, and it all looks quite good.

Nest Guard (the centerpiece) is the brain and the heart of the whole security system. It is a small hockey puck shaped device that looks like Amazon Echo but white instead of black. Unlike other traditional security systems which are drilled to your walls, the Nest Guard is designed to sit on a table or somewhere nearby your front door.

This device measures 53mm in height, 95mm in diameter and a 6 ft cable attached to it which you will need to plug into the power outlet, though there is a built-in battery which offers 12 hours of back up in case of a power cut.

There is a keypad on the top of the guard with 12 raised circular buttons with no labels. The buttons light up with numbers and functions when needed. An LED light surrounds the keypad that lights up in different colors depending on the situation For Example: blue light shows the system is armed and the yellow light shows that the system is disarmed.

There is a speaker grill present at the bottom of the Nest Guard which will start an alarming sound once the Nest Guard or Nest detect senses any kind of motion. However, there is no camera included in the package, you will need to invest in Nest Camera separately if you want to take a look at what is happening when you’re not around.

Nest Tag is one of the most interesting components of the system, it is basically a key fob that you can slip into your keyring along with other keys that you can use to enable or disable the security system. You get two Nest Tags in the package. But you can also buy more if you want for $25 each. The tag is very small and light weight and has a minimalistic design so you would not feel it in your pocket. It is only 7 millimeters thick and is 37 millimeters in diameter.

Image by Engadget

You basically just need to tap the Nest Tag on the top of the guard to disable the alarm temporarily for 30 seconds to 5 minutes allowing you to get in or out of the home without disabling the whole system.

The next device included in the package is Nest Detect – a sensor which you can mount on to the door, wall or a window. It senses any type of motion and alerts you by sending a notification via the Nest App. It works on a traditional magnet system like other security systems out there. The device is in a tubular shape with a button and an LED ring at the bottom. The device measures 80.5 mm in height, 22.2 mm in depth and 20.4 mm in width.

The Nest Detect is an easy to install device and you can stick it anywhere you like. Just like the Nest Tag, you get Nest Detect included in the box and you can also order more for $59 each.

The Nest Secure is one of the best and easy to use security system on the market, it is a bit pricey and doesn’t include a camera in the package but Nest Secure does offer some really great features like you can enable and disable the system using Tags which we mentioned above.

There are more ways of arming and disarming the system, you can use the Nest app or you can also enter your specific key or passcode on the Nest Guard for the purpose. The Guard LED ring also indicates the time you have left to get out of the house or disable the alarm.

You will also get a security alert if the alarm goes off or if you leave the house without enabling the alarm which you can then enable remotely using the Nest App.

An Open Quietly feature is there which will allow you to unlock a single door and get out of the room or the house without disabling the whole system, you can do so by pressing the button on the bottom of that door’s Nest Detect.

This is all that we know about the Nest Secure home security system. You can pre-order the system now for $499 for the starter pack and it will start shipping in 2018.

Overall Nest Secure is a great security system and it is a complete package for your smart home with the option of adding more components to the system, rather than having to buy the whole device and the sensors separately.

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