NASA Introduces Concept Mars Rover Inspired From a Fictional Vehicle

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An implausible new equipment ‘Concept Mars Rover’ has been unveiled by the world famous space agency NASA in Florida. This time NASA has designed something which looks totally out of this world, Mars Rover!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent space agency which is in charge to all the US space programs. After unveiling such startling concept rover it seems like NASA has been taking the Mars missions seriously.

This incredible new concept rover will be for the man’s mission on the Red planet (Mars), planned by Nasa. For which this concept rover serves to be mediator step.

Scientists have incorporated various elements into the new rover, but actually, the idea of this new concept rover was taken from a superhero fictional vehicle, the Batmobile design of famous Bruce Wayne.

This is quite surprising as the world famous space agency is now taking inspiration from the fictional world but the matter of fact is NASA is quite serious about this concept rover design and getting a lot of attention of the masses.

Parker Brothers Concept is behind the creation of this idea for Mars Rover, the company who during the Gumball 3000 rally built the ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile.

NASA also open up about the details of this alleged BatMobile vehicle, it is six-wheeled Mars rover, the six wheels of the rover as measured as 30 inches wide and 50 inches tall and for easy navigation of the red planet surface, the wheel will come with air ducts.

The Mars Rover is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber, the rover will be 13 feet wide, 28 feet long and 11 feet tall which approximately weighs around 5,000 pounds which will have enough space to accommodate four astronauts.

The rover will also have a detachable laboratory where the astronauts can carry out researches related to their mission. Since 2016, the radical concept of the rover was under-development which is recently revealed by Daily Mail.

Along with a 700-volt battery, the Mars Rover will also be powered by Solar Panels and the vehicle will feature a navigation system power-driven by Global Positioning System which was designed by the subject matter experts of NASA.

For informing the public about the next Mars mission of exploration, the space agency has announced to display the Mars Rover inspired from Batmobile at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex located in Florida.

Reported by Morningticker, Rebecca Shireman (Assistant manager of public relations for the Kennedy visitor complex) stated, “It’s an all-encompassing effort to review the history of our efforts to explore Mars and look ahead to what is being planned,” she said. “We hope this will encourage young people to want to learn more about being a part of the effort to go to Mars.”

It can be predicted that this US space agency is planning for a grand voyage towards the Red Planet and working to make it happen. To make new discoveries and finding new things, this new Concept Mars Rover will be a windfall and idyllic vehicle.

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