Murder-Suicide attack at Bernardino Elementary school

Murder – Suicide attack at Bernardino Elementary school

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According to the recent reports, at least four people; 2 adults, including a teacher and two students were shot in the firing that took place in San Bernardino- California’s elementary school. The shooting is believed to be a murder-suicidal attack.

The incident took place in a classroom and the situation is now reported to be under control. The suspect down and the school has been vacated, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

“We have a shooter down and three victims,” said Maria Garcia, a spokeswoman. “One of them is a teacher, the other two are unknown, and their condition is unknown. We believe the situation is contained.”

The suspect is believed to have killed a teacher in the classroom, after which he committed suicide. Two wounded students, in critical condition, were airlifted to a hospital. One of them has head injuries, while the other one has chest wounds, according to the reports.

The Scanner traffic proposes that the shooter was the teacher’s husband.

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