Mui : The Simplistic Smart Home Product

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Smart home tech is getting smarter day by day. It has grown to such an extent that even a single long piece of wood which you normally see every day as part of your furniture, can come under the smart home domain. The smart home wood which we are going to talk about is Mui, a smart home display!

Mui is a perfect candidate for all the aesthetic lovers out there, who don’t want some geeky stuff, but rather plain old stuff doing the same job which newer gadgets can do. It offers an interactive display while still keeping the same furnished look which typical woods offers.

This can be used to control the room lighting as well help set the room temperature. Also, it helps you view messages as well.

The Kyoto-Based company Nishha is the genius behind the advent of Mui. The company is known for its capacitive touch sensors which are also used in the Nintendo Switch.

The Net LED and Philips Hue Light Bulbs are known to be compatible with this smart home wood and its expected that it would also be compatible with further smart lights.


It isn’t available just as yet in the market since it just completed its initial stage of development. The app along with tech itself, along with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa is still going through a development phase.  For the time being, myThings, which is an Internet of Things service by Japan, is being utilized by the Mui.

As for those who are more into the name than the tech itself, the word Mui is unsurprisingly a traditional Japanese word, which is defined as “silence”. The meaning is true to the point, since the look and feels which the device offers are totally relatable with its name.

Compared to other smart home techs, I honestly believe it looks way better on your shelf than a one like the Nest Thermostat E or the Ecobee Thermostat.

It is expected that it would use a similar way to fund itself like the Kickstarter website did for crowdfunding. We can see it somewhere around June 2018, and expect it to have a price tag of around $900 to $1200 depending on what the situation arises. Yes, this price-tag might come to you as a lot heavier on your pocket, but considering the simplistic design which this smart wood offers, it just might be worth it.

The Mui looks extremely beautiful in person. According to the Verge, they had a chance to actually see the wood in person and that the sycamore wood one appears gorgeous. There are other options too: mirror glass, red fabric, and marble.

Its just up to you to decide which one would you want at the end of the day to rest on your desk looking all beautiful and natural.

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