Moto Z4’s latest leak has us all ‘jacked’ up

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Motorola’s upcoming smartphone in it’s Z-series lineup has been leaked online. A Twitter user by the name of @evleaks has posted the leaked pictures of the yet unreleased smartphone by the American Company.

The phone, in question, is called the Moto Z4. It is the successor to the quirky Moto Z3 and it does look promising. Unfortunately, we only have the pictures at the time being. The specs are still unknown, however, from what we can deduce from the leaked pictures, the Z4 looks pretty promising.

Let’s start with the overall build of the phone. From the looks of it, the back of the Z4 seems to be made from glass. This isn’t exactly new in recent smartphones as they all seem to be following this trend. Glass backs may be more fragile and prone to fingerprints but they do look gorgeous when clean and let’s not forget Wireless Charging.

Motorola Moto Z4 leaked image
Image: @evleaks on Twitter

The Z4 will probably be able to charge wirelessly, just like its predecessor, the Z3. Also like the Z3, the camera bump is humongous and is probably going to cause inconveniences. However, unlike the Z3, it seems like the Z4 will only some with a single rear camera. This seems to be a downgrade from the Z3.

But let’s not forget that the Google Pixel also has a single camera and can take the best pictures possible on a smartphone. Other than that, the back also has support for Motorola’s Moto Mod Accessories which may take the functionality of this handset to the next level, especially with the new 5G module.

Moving on to the front of the Z4, you get a nice screen with tiny bezels, which is always welcome in smartphones nowadays. The cost of that, however, is that it does have to make do with a notch. But let’s not worry about that; it’s a teardrop one which, in my opinion, does a good job of being subtle and non-intrusive.

Motorols Moto Z4 leak
Image: @evleaks on Twitter

The edges of the Moto Z4 seem to be made of Aluminium, which seems premium enough. The phone looks sleek even with the huge protruding camera bump. On the top, you get a SIM tray, speaker outlet and noise cancellation microphone, the usual. However, things get interesting on the bottom. Along with the primary microphone and the USB Type-C charging port, you get a headphone jack.

A 3.5mm headphone jack a smartphone as sleek as this, in this day and age, is a sight for sore eyes. Every manufacturer seems to be shying away from this, for some reason or the other but Motorola has decided to stick to its guns for as long as it possibly can. On the right side, you get a power button below the volume rocker. This controversial design, shared by Huawei, is incredibly inconvenient when you have to press any button without looking. I’m glad Motorola has thought of this and has made the power button ridged.

There was no apparent fingerprint sensor anywhere, which leads me to believe that it will be an in-display unit, like every other new phone. However, it would be really cool if Motorola implements it in the logo on the back.

That was all that we could deduce from the pictures. The rest of the specs will be out soon along with a release date. For the things we know, let’s hope the good ones make it to the final product. This is, after all, just a leak and for all we know, the actual Moto Z4 might be completely different.

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