Moto Gamepad Mod; A new edge to the gaming!

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Moto Gamepad Mod; a handheld gaming console has been very prominent in the market after its dispatch on 25th August. It acts as a magnetic controller that joins to any Moto Z gadget and includes a great exhibit of catches and joysticks for use in pretty much any amusement. Dissimilar to each other controller available, the Gamepad Mod doesn’t utilize Bluetooth for correspondence, no requirement for remote slack and henceforth no matching!!

A little look on what the Gamepad is about:


Controls are perceived from first association and can be utilized to explore the gadget.

Catches are standard toll; D-Pad, Dual analogs sticks, 4 Face buttons(X, Y, A, B) alongside Start, Select, and Home. Simple sticks are additionally catches, making for L3 and R3, alongside 4 bear catches, L1, L2, R1 and R2. The catches can rest easy and the analogs are support quality. The shoulder catches are somewhat confined, yet at the same time usable. All things considered a really not too bad arrangement for $80!

Be that as it may, what’s not amiable here is the real issue with this gadget is the D-Pad, which requires more power than anticipated to enroll. This influences 2D to side looking over recreations, for example, Fighters (King of Fighters, Street Fighter) or side-looking over enterprise (Mario, Sonic) hard to play.


Size of the Mod, is entirely strong. You will require huge pockets on the off chance that you hope to have the Mod constantly connected. However the ergonomic gamepad has the correct feel, once held in hands; the crosshatch surface loans hold to the generally smooth plastic. There’s a round set pattern for the Moto Z2 Force’s back camera, a go through jack for 3.5mm sound, a cord circle, and a USB-C port on the base that charges the Gamepad and any telephone matched to it.

Compatibility and Use

Snap on the Moto Gamepad and take your gaming to the following level. Gain more power with a Moto Mod™ that associates flawlessly to your gadget.

Zero matching; you get the opportunity to encounter responsive controls without the remote information slack. The Moto Gamepad snaps straightforwardly into your gadget, so there’s no requirement for links or blending.

Not at all like clasp on gamepads, which take a decent arrangement of physical power to snap set up, the Gamepad associates attractively to pins on the back of a Moto Z2 Force. Un-matching is as basic as inquisitive the telephone free of the connector’s attractive field.

What’s more, obviously, the Mod appends in a split second to the telephone. The enchantment done by the magnets that hold the telephone set up, so you don’t have to stress over the gadget dropping out. Shake it, or even hold it topsy turvy, the Mod to test will have the gadget in place, showing the quality of the magnets. Be that as it may, by the by you show signs of improvement gaming background; Dual control sticks, a D– cushion and physical activity catches let you play recreations the way they were intended to.

Image: Cetus News

Motorola’s Moto Z telephones are equipped for associating with Moto Mods; it works with the Moto Z2 Force, Moto Z Force, Moto Z2 Play, and Moto Z Play.

Games Gallery

The Gamepad works in a joint effort with a buddy App, Moto Game pioneer. In any case, the application doesn’t generally enable you to introduce the amusements from it, rather just shows the rundown of different recreations masterminded by the class. The retail facade simply goes about as a connection to Google Playstore.

There are a lot of diversions that help controllers, in any case, there are a lot of recreations that don’t. This isn’t the blame of the controller, however numerous applications simply don’t have controller bolster. Likewise, some applications may have bolster, yet do not have the capacity to remap catches that are mapped mistakenly utilizing the Controller. This issue persists with different controllers too. There are some Bluetooth Controllers that endeavor the cure this issue, however it is more programming than equipment related. In any case, for the recreations that work, the Controller works awesome!

However this sorts of breaking points down your decision for the diversions. So on the off chance that you are searching for some ongoing gaming, the Gamepad would not be the ideal alternative.


Battery timing is of huge esteem while searching for gaming gear. For who might need to lose at the last round, in light of the fact that the telephone faded away! Along these lines, extraordinary compared to other parts about the Gamepad Mod is its worked in 1035 mAh battery. Moto says that ought to get you an additional 8 hours of battery life. As indicated by a few clients, it was more like 6 hours, yet any extra battery life is welcome and acknowledged on such a thin and lightweight controller. Along these lines, never again fear missing the last minute or prime time of your diversion as a result of the battery close down!


In spite of the stunning equipment and the attractive connection, there are a few troublesome things going ahead with the Gamepad. For instance, you have full telephone utilize while the mod is connected, yet the size is a remark. While in the pocket, there have been times where the Mod would reconnect in pocket, or you would remove the telephone from the pocket and see it has restarted itself. It is accept likely because of the catches being squeezed and the Mod being always initiated, which causes hiccups.

Slash Gear

Additionally, because of many diversions not having Controller bolster, a Touchscreen catch mapper would be an awesome option to supplement this gadget and increment its esteem colossally. It would permit touchscreen just amusements to be played utilizing the Gamepad Mod. I do trust this turns into a thought pushing ahead. Besides, the help of more recreations could make the thing considerably more delightful!

Taking everything into account, the Moto Mod Gamepad is an awesome endeavor to convey comfort quality gaming to Android gadgets. In any case, the D-Pad is a noteworthy issue that ought to be tended to, either with programming refresh which permits the D-Pad catches to have more prominent affectability, or if the issue is Hardware related, a review that fixes the issue.

Despite the issues detailed, the Gamepad is a pleasant little side interest and that to for just $80! Ideally, the issues will be tended to sooner rather than later and you would get the opportunity to appreciate a superior gaming background.

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