Most favorable Smart-phones for Kids

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Smartphone is no more a luxury as nowadays even kids have a smartphone to stay connected, enjoying social apps. Since it is a digital age, it becomes a little outdated for even kids to play without technology.

There are quite affordable phones in the market of numerous brands which won’t affect your budget as they are quite affordable. These low-price models offer mix kid-friendly features.

Long lasting battery, a nice camera for clicking and sharing photos with family and friends and powerful to play all the latest games and durable to withstand an accident. Enlisted are some phones which balance the price and features as these smartphones won’t cost you a bomb but the fact is for parental control, Android phones are much better.

Alcatel OneTouch Go Play:

This Alcatel OneTouch Go Play smartphone which is perfect for your kids even this is not the newest handset but it is quite durable as the phone is able to survive if dropped from 5-foot or can be dipped into 3 feet of water.

The camera of the phone can be controlled by volume buttons so kids can click amazing underwater selfies. Alcatel’s incredible phone cost less than $100 which a bunch of startling features, an easy Operating System which can be monitored by parents.

For capturing and sharing pictures the ViewMe app will let your kids to show-off their creativity. OneTouch Go Play is an ideal smartphone for teens.

iPhone SE:

Apple gives up the extensive parental control to the Android users if they go for an Apple smartphone. iPhone SE runs on Apple’s featured pack operating system (iOS) and gives a full access to Apple store to the users.

The store has a wide-ranging catalogs of some compelling mobile applications which kids will definitely adore and the good news is Apple has reduced the usual premium charges so parents can buy 32GB iPhone SE for $399.

LG X Power:

Consider LG X Power for its monstrous battery which is long lasting, the 4,100-mAh battery give 13-hours backup. Whether your kid’s surf on the internet for the whole day or play game will give a long power to your kid’s smartphone.

The unlocked phone cost $130 which is quite affordable, a perfect smartphone for kids who love to spend all their time in playing adventurous games without even worrying about battery life.

Moto G5 Plus:

Buying smartphone on a low budget doesn’t mean that people have to sacrifice all the incredible features as Moto G5 Plus is compelling phone jam-packed with startling features available in an affordable.

The 36GB version of Moto G5 Plus cost less than $300. The device sports a bright 5.2 inch full HD display and classy full metal body makes the smartphone incredible for kids as they can enjoy playing games on big screen.

Huawei Honor 5X:

Huawei has recently launched a bundle of smartphones and the new Honor 5X features a trendy, brushed- metal design plus the price of the handset is quite affordable.

For kids who love to click pictures especially on Snapchat, this phone is ideal as the front and the rear camera enables the users to take great pictures. However, the device is running on an old version of Android (Marshmallow) but the latest phones are running on Nougat 7.0

ZTE Blade V8 Pro:

If your kids are interested in photography then ZTE Blade V8 Pro is a perfect for them as the dual-camera feature enables them to express their creative mind. Kids can create mono-color images as the dual lens on the back of the phone captures vibrant and bright pictures.

The battery life of the phone lasts for 12 hours so from dawn to dusk kids can click thousands of amazing pictures which will definitely get likes on social media.

ZenFone 3 Zoom:

Asus ZenFone 3 is the dominating over the other phones because of it long lasting battery timings which nearly last for 17 hours, this smartphone has beaten its closest competitor as it last 4 hours longer than its competitor.

It is the most wanted budget camera phone which sports an optical zoom which users can only get from the iPhone 7Plus dual-camera feature but at very chintzy rates.

ZenFone 3 is only compatible with the GSM networks which mean for users who requires a phone that can work on Sprinter or Verizon should look for another Asus handset.

Moto Z Play:

The modular and sleek design of Motorola Z phone series endows a chance to kids to squash their personal styles on their personal smartphone which nearly cost $499. Along with a back panel and gamepad, the Moto Z Play features a long lasting battery which will power up the phone for the whole day.

Recently, Motorola has launched its successor which took the whole market by storm but the price of Moto Z2 Play is $50 more than Moto Z Play but unfortunately, it features a smaller battery.

Moto Z Play is ideal for kids as if they get stuck somewhere then parents can easily contact them and they don’t have to run to look for a charging port.


For the Sprint cellular network users ZTE Max XL as it is pretty capable smartphone available at very judicious price. The 6-inch full HD display let your kids to enjoy favorite programs on big resolution plus the colors of the phone are quite catchy and vibrant.

The 3,900-mAh powerful battery which means without charger users can use the phone for the whole day. For clicking some decent selfies, Max XL sports a 5-megapixel front camera and the 13-megapixel rear camera enables some impressive snaps.

There are various brands in the market that produce phones which are highly suitable for the young generation. Though parents should avoid giving a smartphone to kids but as it has become a necessity so it is substantial that kids should have a phone so they can keep in touch with their parents.

But these smartphones should have parental control feature so parents can keep an eye on their kid’s activities and will facilitate them to keep their kids away from unethical and harmful activity.

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