Most Awaited Smart-Phones of the Year 2017

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The year 2017 has brought striking technologies especially in the world of smart-phones; Arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8 has also joined the list of the best smart-phones of 2017 that includes a budget friendly Moto G5 Plus, incredible LG’s G6, Blackberry’s compelling device, Huawei dual camera phone and some more.

But hold on, these are not the only major phones which are released this year as iPhone, Asus, Samsung, Google and some other chief brands are launching some startling phones and users are eagerly waiting for their arrival.

Enlisted are some of the smart-phones which are expected to release by the end of the year 2017.

iPhone 8:

After the arrival of Galaxy 8 it seems like Apple has to tackle with high standards of Samsung to win the race, according to the rumors circulating in the market it seems like that Apple has already won the race.

In the new-coming iPhone 8, Apple will replace the LED display with OLED panel which will provide better contrast and more saturated colors. The edge-to-edge screen will be sported by iPhone 8 like Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

It’s still a mystery that how Apple will be dealing with the touch ID sensor plus it can be predicted that the Augmented Reality technology will be a part of iPhone8. The release of startling iPhone 8 is expected in fall along with the two updated version of previous iPhone 7 (iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus).

Pixel 2:

Last year, when Pixel and Pixel XL rolled out, they created hype in the market because of their impressive features. It seems like Goggle will now bring out a compelling phone which can be added in the Pixel series.

Pixel 2 will be new smart-phone which will be the part of Pixel line-up as the smart-phone will be having a curved display and this is a new change brought by Google in its smart-phones.

With the water resistant feature and Snapdragon 835 processor, Google will likely add-up something innovative in its software like the original Pixel which has the Google Assistant feature.

Galaxy Note 8:

Samsung is giving a tough time to all the other smart-phones brands and after launching Galaxy S8 it can be predicted that Samsung in future will dominate over the smart-phone world as recently according to the announcements Samsung is bring back the big screen phones back into the market (Galaxy Note 8).

During the conference, company announced that after Galaxy S8 another device will launch in the second half of this year. The features are not revealed yet but after the arrival of S8 we can expect something great from Galaxy Note 8.

In the mean time, Samsung will able to figure out how to entrenched the startling feature (Finger Sensor) under the extensive display of Note 8. But S Pen will be definitely a part of it apart from the other features.

OnePlus 5:

OnePlus is popularly known in the market for bringing out good-looking and the new up-coming OnePlus 5 will making its debut on June 20. OnePlus 5 will be the phone which will be jam-packed with some incredible features which will be adopted from Samsung’s S8.

According to rumors, OnePlus 5 will also be sporting edge-to-edge display like Samsung and will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor. Another startling addition which OnePlus can do is to increase the RAM of the smart-phone like in OnePlus T.

If the rumors are true then OnePlus 5 will be another smart-phone which will take over the market by its magnificence and prevailing features.

Moto Z2 Force:

It seems like Motorola is full-prepared to give a tough time to other smart-phone brands as the brand has launched some implausible and budget-friendly smart-phones this year and it seems there are more to come in the rest of 2017.

According to the rumors, Moto Z2 Force will be joining the Moto Z series but the release date is not announced yet but it will powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor plus the phone must have some staggering features. Plus the head-phone jack must be present in Moto Z2 Force as it was missing in the previous models.

Essential Phone:

After parting ways from Google, the co-founder of Android Andy Rubin came up which a new smart-phone which swept the other smart-phones with its compelling features and sleek design.

Essential also sports an edge-to-edge display plus its titanium body and ceramic back makes it more sleek and catchy. The front camera of the phone is a part of its display whereas the back of the phone only adorned by a dual rear camera and finger print sensor.

The magnetic dots on the back of the phone allow the users to connect the phone with accessories. The company has started to take pre-orders but the shipping date of the phone is not announced yet.

ZenFone AR:

Asus will be bringing out the new Augmented Reality technology in its up-coming smart-phone ZenFone AR. The device will not only be supporting Google’s Daydream platform for Virtual Reality but will also tap into Project Tango.

For projecting virtual image into real life and for determining user’s position, a new platform of Google for AR technology uses the on-board camera and sensors for this.

ZenFone AR will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 GPU with 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU. The price of the ZenFone AR by Asus is not revealed yet but the phone will be arriving in the end of June in U.S but it seems that it be launched in the month of July.

It seems like by the end of the year 2017, all the chief smart-phone brands in the market will bring out the best smart-phones which will be packed out with some beyond belief features.

Following the trend, the edge-to-edge display, finger sensors and dual-rear camera will be main features of all these up-coming smart-phones.

The smart-phone users are desperately waiting for the launch of their favorite brand’s smart-phone. No the matter of fact is which brand will able to take over the market with its up-coming smart-phones.

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