MLK Festivities Results in Gun Injuries

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Several citizens took part in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations within Miami last Monday, but were soon confronted with a violent transition into the festivities.

Gunfire had suddenly erupted out of nowhere within the crowded festival who were celebrating the famous civil rights leader, and as a result about eight people were wounded, which included five young juveniles.

According to authorities, about four girls in their teens along with a man aged 30 had been hospitalized but remained to be in a stable condition at the moment.

However a man aged 20 was severely wounded from the gunfire and is in critical condition at the hospital, according to recent reports.

Two young victims, one just aged 11 and the other 13, were simply grazed during the gunfire and were properly treated at the scene of the incident.

Peaceful Day for Violence

The authorities have stated that they located two separate firearms from the scene and arrested two other suspects to be thoroughly questioned.

However, none of the two suspects identities have been disclosed to the public at the moment until the final information has been revealed of the gunmen or gunman responsible for this incident.

“This investigation continues to be very active,” stated the Miami authorities.

Memorial Day Indeed

The shooting was said to have erupted at around 3:40 pm, which comes just hours after the parade that served to honor Martin Luther King Jr. had finished.

The entire incident was situated at the memorial park of MLK which is located in the northwestern region of Miami.

Usually such an event includes family gatherings, music, several types of food vendors scattered throughout the area, and usually thousands of people join in on this day’s festivities.

Such a day has served almost as a tradition in Miami ever since the 1970’s.

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