Missing Mother Bought Ingredients for a Killer Cocktail before Vanishing

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A woman from Oregon named Jennifer Huston, who is missing since 24th July had bought non-prescription sleeping pills, Gatorade and trail mix before she went missing. This detail was divulged by police officials who have released details of her movements on the very evening she went missing. They are hoping that the information lands them some additional clues which may help them to crack the case.

The police had previously released a sketch of her actions, which showed that she left her Dundee home eat around 5.45 o’clock and she had halted at Newberg to withdraw money. She used that money to fill gas for her car.

On Tuesday, officials added that after filling gas she went to Rite Aid and bought sleeping pills, Gatorade and trail mix. The sleeping pills were brought in small quantities and cannot be fatal for her. Police estimate that she could have traveled for around 300 to 350 miles with a full tank of gas. After she disappeared, there have been no other sightings of her.

For the time being, Kallen Jennifer Huston’s husband is not a suspect. In fact, he has “been cooperative through several interviews with police and has passed a polygraph examination.” The lady is 5 feet 7 inches tall with blue eyes and blond hair. She was seen for the last time in black pants and pink and black Nike shoes. Her car has a crack on the wind shield, and has a ski rack on its roof. Anybody with any information can call Newberg-Dundee Police Department on 503-537-1246.

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