Mirabook turns your smartphone into a full sized laptop

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Thinking about buying a laptop for just basic needs? You don’t really have to. Why not convert that extra smartphone, or yet your very own, into a laptop yourself! The solution is pretty simple: Use a Mirabook.

The Mirabook relies on your smartphone’s fundamentals and adequately functions as a laptop. Our smartphones these days are much more powerful than we think of them. They can easily outmatch some basic computing configurations. That’s a lot of power in just a pocket-sized device. What Mirabook does is, provides you with a full HD 13.3-inch laptop screen at a crisp resolution as well as the accessibility of a full keyboard. On top of that, there is a trackpad too like any other laptop.

The Miraxess’s Mirabook also features a large capacity battery so that you can continue working on the “smartphone laptop” for extended periods of time; Even more than 24 hours! (Though you might have to charge your phone though in between). As for how to connect your smartphone to the Mirabook, it would be through a USB Type-C cable. Therefore, if your device doesn’t have the Type-C port, then you would have to buy a smartphone with one. After you connect your phone to the Mirabook, your phone screen would be shown almost instantly. Not only this, to make up for a quite less storage space in our smartphones, there is extra storage in the MiraBook as well.

As for the Mirabook’s chassis, it is quite lightweight, since there isn’t really a motherboard inside it. Moreover, courtesy the aluminum finish, the Mirabook looks like any other laptop out there. All the apps and data are provided through the smartphone itself, therefore, there isn’t really any wait time for synchronization.

According to CEO Yanis Anteur, “Everyone has the Smart part of the Mirabook in their pocket. Our ambition is to truly revolutionize the mainstream computer market considering that the Smartphone is the only computer that we need now.” He further stated, “The PC market has been declining since 2012, the combination Smartphone + Mirabook is the next big breakthrough innovation. Eventually, Miraxess plans to develop other extensions, always based on this principle of mirroring and convergence.”

If you fear how actually will your smartphone’s display be laptop friendly, then you shouldn’t. Now, most smartphones have their own desktop modes. This converts your smartphones’ display into a desktop one. Oxi is such a desktop experience by Auxens, while there is the popular Samsung Desktop Experience too. On top of this, Mirabook is perfectly suited for the Samsung DeX. Therefore, you can easily use your apps both ways: On a smartphone or on the Mirabook, whatever goes to your liking.

You can even connect the Mirabook with PC sticks since they are compatible with them too. Therefore, it would essentially turn your Mirabook into a budget-friendly computer. On top of this, if you happen to own a Raspberry Pi, you can even connect the Raspberry Pi to it, essentially making for yet another very affordable fully loaded laptop.

Though don’t get your hopes high up, since the Mirabook is currently at a prototype stage, therefore it has got plenty of challenges to look forward to completing its production. As for the price, the Mirabook once launched, would be available at a very moderate price tag of $249. Not only this but you shall also be able to get a discount on a compatible smartphone if yours doesn’t support connectivity to Mirabook.

With the purchase, there would be a complimentary MiraClub Membership included as well. If you plan on buying on two, you can get two at just $399.


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