Minneapolis Man Who Murdered Saudi Student Charged

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Cullen M. Osburn, 27, from Minneapolis was charged by prosecutors after committing the murder of the Saudi student Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, 24, who had been attending the University of Wisconsin last Halloween.

This murder had earned nationwide attention, as several have claimed that this was a racially motivated hate crime.

Hussain was beaten up severely outside a pizza place situated in Menomonie and Osburn has also been charged with the fatal beating he had carried out on the Saudi student.

The murder of Hussain resulted in an instant uproar amongst citizens and the University of Wisconsin were forced to tighten up their security, as the authorities had been on full alert.

Other Motives than Hate

The authorities who have conducted an investigation into this crime have stated that this incident perhaps was not racially motivated at all, as Osburn claimed that the entire ordeal had little to nothing to do regarding anyone’s ethnicity or racial background.

Meanwhile the Consulate of Saudi Arabia have stated that they are currently awaiting the pending investigation and for the final documents of Osburn’s arrest to take place.

A Vague Cause

It is still unclear and vague as of now what exactly had served as Osburn’s primary motive for the murder of Hussain.

Eyewitnesses to the altercation between the two have claimed that they saw Hussain getting into some verbal quarrel with Osburn the night of the murder.

At some point an eyewitness recalled Osburn exclaimed to Hussain to repeat something he had said, in which Hussain then put up his hands so as to indicate that he did not want the matter to escalate any further.

Another witness also claims that Osburn’s tone of voice was extremely provoking and aggressive, but is still unsure what exactly caused him to eventually beat up and murder Hussain.

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