Microsoft Updates Surface Pro

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Microsoft is about to release Surface pro with some exciting upgrades and features for its users. This June you are ought to see the Surface Pro as becoming the toughest competitor to Apples Mac and Tablets.

With new upgrades and features, Microsoft has aimed to design keeping in view the classroom and students whereas Apple’s Tablets and Macbook products are already very popular among the students.

In the new updates, you would see a laptop with a touch – screen and not a tablet with a keyboard. This means it’s the ‘inside’ where the Microsoft is bringing updates instead of exteriors of this 2 in 1 release.

Now this is something really to look forward as to what Microsoft has come up with. Also this time the Microsoft comes simple excluding all the complexity of the numbers but just keeping it to Surface Pro.

First of all there are not any big changes seen when talking about the design except for few slight changes as compared to its predecessor i.e. in the upgraded version you could see the curved edges and lots of color option available this time.

Also with the Microsoft (MSFTTech30) installed the makers claims its speed to be up by as much as 3 times of its predecessor and also giving you a high battery time up to maximum 14 hours on a single charge. We could hope the Microsoft has really aimed to address the battery issue which was a big problem it the previous release.

Claimed by experts as the 2 in 1 concept by Microsoft it is the Microsoft’s “most versatile laptop” to date. It tends to be more powerful than and lighter in weight than the previous model as the makers have said that this time it’s the motherboard that has been architect.

This versatility is particularly designed keeping in mind the students, doctors, Pilot , lawyers and marketing professional who along with the need to take notes also requires a full fledge laptop for daily routine use well supplemented with a long battery life.

Other changes that you can expect to see is the 4G LTE option and improved stylus sensitivity. Also the upgrade involves that it will run the latest Microsoft 10 Creators Update, and the Surface Pen will now work in Microsoft Office. And instead of focusing on USB C port, Microsoft has kept simple by providing standard USB port.

Other change that are introduced in the Surface Pro is the new hinges design. Microsoft has adopted the 165 – degree angle this time making the screen to lay nearly flat. Hinges are strong enough to not to break no matter how much you push or lean on it.

To be released by 15th of June, available in 27 different countries the expected prices are is to be between $799.

With such big claims made by the producers, people and technology lovers are hopeful that it would outperform its previous release and would equally prove right all the claims.




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