Microsoft AR Glasses – Another stunning addition in the world of Augmented Reality

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Microsoft’s new development in the AR wearables has taken over the world. Now for experiencing virtual reality you don’t need a headset.

On Friday, Microsoft presented a pair of glasses which facilitates the wearer to view virtual reality objects exclusive of any extra corrective lenses through Augment Reality Glasses.

This is indeed an astonishing development in the virtual reality world and after this things will utterly change. This progress is considered as one of the most imperative ones in the virtual reality world.

As for producing the holograms, the wearable uses the near-eye display and this makes this augmented reality glasses more comfy for the wearer.

Previously, the augmented reality was limited to the smart phones, but this new technology brought by Microsoft in the world of virtual reality has just turned the whole thing upside down.

People can easily wear these glasses the entire day, without getting agitated as the glasses are light in weight than the headsets and therefore the experience will be more startling and comfortable.

This near-eye holographic can easily fit into the regular pair of spectacles and the mirrors, and liquid crystal silicon is required for pulling off the effect within the frame.

For producing the high-detailed holograms, the developing team took gain of GPU boosted algorithms and eye-tracked rendering which facilitates with vision correction as well as realistic focus, thus people with eye-sight problems wouldn’t require correction spectacles.

This augmented reality is what runs virtual reality world as it has changed the whole outlook. People are now going crazy to avail these tremendous augmented reality glasses.

The headsets which previously came into the market were bit over-sized and heavy in weight; it was hard for the wearer to wear for an elongated for having virtual experience.

These augmented reality glasses by Microsoft will not only make the virtual reality experience phenomenal but will make it more congenial.

According to Microsoft team, “In future work, we plan to integrate all these capabilities into a single hardware device while expanding the exit pupil to create a practical stereo display.”

They also “In this way, we hope to become one step closer to truly mobile near-eye displays that match the range of capabilities of human vision.”

It seems like Microsoft is up to something which can change the whole virtual reality experience, as integrating all capabilities in a single hardware will be a great development in the virtual reality world.

However, the technology is quite limited as it’s only having the capability to produce monoscopic picture but the stereoscopic is still a challenge for team to achieve.

Together they can turn out to be an incredible development which will enable the wearer to wear these augmented reality glasses for the whole day.

Without a weighty headset, the wearer would be able to experience augmented reality in a much more comfortable way which makes the whole experience more enjoyable for the wearer than before.

Microsoft is heading in the world of technology, as coming up with such technology is like a dream come true. Seeing the holograms from normal glasses make it more primitive but astounding as well.

These augmented reality glasses will utterly turn out to be a startling technology in the virtual reality world which will take over the market in no time.

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