Mercedes S65 ‘Final Edition’: A Swan Song for the Glorious V12

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This is bad news for petrolheads all around the globe. Mercedes-Benz has just revealed a new, limited edition variant of their AMG S65 sedan. It’s called the ‘Final Edition’ and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This will be the last Mercedes S-Class to have the twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12. Think of it as a last hurrah for the engine or as Mercedes calls it, “the pinnacle of the 6.0-liter V12 Biturbo engine’s long success story”.

When it comes to engines, I’ve mentioned multiple times about new emission regulations and downsizing. This is just another example of that. Car manufacturers are simply shying away from bigger engines in favor of smaller displacements ones with assistance like forced induction or hybrid drivetrain. The benefit of this is that they can get the same or even more performance from smaller engines. This effectively reduces fuel consumption and emissions that are harmful to the environment.

That’s all good and all; it saves non-renewable resources as well as the environment. However, one thing that it takes away is the soul of the car that only true petrolheads have learned to appreciate. You can get the same amount of power from a naturally aspirated V12 and a twin-turbo V6. The V6 may be more efficient but it will lack the character the V12 has, and that’s why we lament Mercedes’s decision to get rid of it.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Final Edition’ will be limited in number. In fact, Mercedes will only produce 130 units for the entire world. Which means it will be rare and there’s a chance you probably won’t see it at all. Thankfully, its no hypercar and rather a full-size luxury sedan. It’s similar to a regular AMG S65 sedan with some minor changes. Let’s have a look at what’s different.


Image: Caricos

The S65 ‘Final Edition’ uses the last iteration of Mercedes’s Biturbo 6.0-liter V12. It now produces 621 bhp and 737 lb-ft torques which is enough to propel this 2-ton sedan to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. The top speed is limited to 186 mph, again I repeat, in a luxury sedan. Along with this supercar performance, you also get a buttery smooth ride, which is partly because of the V12.

V12 engines are naturally balanced. This means the motion of the pistons from opposite cylinder banks completely cancel each other out resulting in the smoothest running engine. This is why many luxury brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, and even BMW have used it in their cars.


Image: Mercedes-Benz

There’s nothing much different in the ‘Final Edition’ and the regular S65 on the outside. You get 20″ multi-spoke bronze wheels as standard. There’s an additional bronze trim on the side skirts and bumpers that contrasts well with everything else that’s blacked out. The exhaust tips are now shiny black and the rest of the bodywork is finished in a high-gloss obsidian metallic black paint.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The color scheme is here to set the “Final Edition” apart from the regular S65. In addition to that, you also get a nice AMG emblem on the C-Pillar. One thing I’ll miss the most about this is the V12 Biturbo badge on the front fender, which won’t be there in the future models.


Image: Mercedes-Benz

The interior is where Mercedes went all out with the ‘Final Edition’. It comes with all the bells and whistles as standard including temperature-controlled cupholders. It also has reclining rear seats with a business console in between that controls everything possible. You also get a sunroof with a variable tint.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The rest of the interior is typical Mercedes S-class. Only the highest quality materials are used. With the ‘Final Edition’, you get as standard black Nappa leather upholstery with copper-colored stitching and carbon fiber accents. You also get a numbered limited edition badge just to make you feel that more special while being bathed in luxury.


Mercedes hasn’t revealed the price of this car yet so it’s just guesswork from here. What we know is that a standard S65 costs over $230,000. The ‘Final Edition’ with all its standard features, limited units and the fact that it’s “last of its kind”, will cost way over that. I estimate it to be just North over $270,000. That is supercar money. In fact, the new Lamborghini Huracan Evo costs almost the same.

That’s a lot of money for “just” a luxury sedan. However, it’s not just a luxury sedan. It’s a farewell to the mighty V12, that’s now a dying breed. There won’t be a new S65 after this as the 65 trim was reserved for the V12 in Mercedes’s naming convention. The emotional aspect of owning something like this is what costs the extra cash and I say it’s well worth it.

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