Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX – The Longest Range Electric Car ever made

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Among all the new tech releasing this month, car manufacturers are also not staying behind. The German automobile giant Mercedes-Benz just updated their arsenal. The company teased a new electric car that is apparently the most efficient electric car to exist to date. Titled Vision EQXX this car can go about 750 miles on a single charge.

The world-renowned luxury carmaker announced its program at Daimler’s latest company update. They teased a new technical program in development. That will focus on developing an electric car that is extremely efficient and has a longer range than any other option. In the words of Markus Schafer, head of research and development at Mercedes-Benz. “We have set up a group of our engineers to take on an extraordinary task. To build the longest-range and highest-efficiency electric car the world has ever seen.”

He also added that this was a very important and serious project for them. Mercedes Benz as a company understands that electricity is the path to the future automobile industry. Not only will this project revolutionize their current offerings. It will also serve as a training ground for their future carr offerings. This project will try to convert the previously teased concept car Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX into reality.

The German automobile maker said that they wish to develop an all-electric vehicle that can make a journey from Beijing to Shanghai in a single charge.  That is not a small claim to make, numerically speaking this journey is about 750 miles (1,200 km).

To cover this much distance in a single charge they will need a lot of batteries and an extremely efficient design. To put things in perspective the current market-leading company tesla has the highest range of up to 402 miles in a single charge. this range comes with the long-range plus variant of their Model S.


The longest Range Ever:

Mercedes says that they don’t plan to just stuff in more batteries and make the car bulkier until it travels that far. While that does sound like a viable option it will defeat the purpose of making an everyday use car. to store that many batteries you will need a lot of storage which will also destroy the looks of the car. Mercedes said that they plan to achieve this longer-range through efficiency improvements of their electrical hardware.

Daimler explained that this is the main goal for starting this program. the company will test various new technologies inside their cars to determine a combination of the highest efficiency. once they see a viable enough plan they will implement it inside their commercial cars. They noted that “While Vision EQXX is a technology program, it is expected to result in innovations that will quickly make their way into series production cars.”

Interestingly, the best and most innovative minds of the automobile industry still lie in the F1 industry. Mercedes said that the Mercedes-Benz F1 HPP group. Their British subdivision for developing high-performance designs will also work on this project. According to the company, this program is a huge defining step in their history. They will learn a lot from this endeavor. The group of extraordinary engineers at the company will push the limits of electric hardware to make the world’s most efficient electric car.

The team of engineers at Stuttgart will work with the specialists from the Mercedes-Benz F1 HPP group in the UK. To bring the world this new innovation. while there is no definite timeline for this project yet. We do hope that well get to see results in less than a year. With companies like Audi and Porsche jumping into the electric side. It was about time the big players like Mercedes took the jump too.

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