Massive price drop of Ps4 Pro and PSVR bundles by Sony

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Christmas season is here, which can mean only one thing: massive discounts! If you were looking to pick up a Ps4 Pro or PlayStation VR, then you’re in luck. The Ps4 Pro is $50 cheaper than its standard price and PlayStation VR bundles are $100 cheaper now. The sale lasts until 16th December.

The Ps4 Pro’s standalone console is not the only thing that’s received a price cut for next week. Many Ps4 Pro and PSVR bundles are part of the saleas well,including the popular Ps4 Pro Star Wars: Battlefront II and Destiny 2 bundles.

The price cut gives the Ps4 Pro a big edge over its competitor, the Xbox One X as the former is now much cheaper than the latter. Apart from that, there’s only a $50 difference between the regular Ps4 and the Pro version. This price cut comes at a great time too because most consoles are bought during holiday season, so this massive price cut will surely catch the attention of many people.

With VR being considered as the future of gaming, expect many more VR titles to come out soon making this the best time to buy a PSVR.You cannot miss these PlayStation VR bundles:

PlayStation VR, GT Sport, PS4 Camera: $199

A first-person car racing experience in VR, it doesn’t get better than that. The bundle includes the camera as well which is essential with a PSVR headset. This bundle can be found at Walmart, GameStop and Kohls at the mentioned price.

PlayStation VR, Doom VFR, Ps4 Camera: $299

This bundle is like the GT Sport bundle but is a bit more expensive. However, the larger price tag doesn’t come without reason as this PSVR headset is the latest one Sony has released which comes with its own set of improvements from the previous ones.
This bundle can be purchased on Amazon.

PlayStation VR, Skyrim VR, Ps4 camera, two move controllers: $349

This bundle is the complete package, it has everything one could need to get the most out of PlayStation VR. The PlayStation move controllers help give the full VR experience for Skyrim the way they intended for you to experience it. This bundle also has the latest version of the PSVR headset and is available on Amazon.

The Ps4 Pro deals include:

Star Wars: Battlefront II Limited edition Ps4 Pro: $399

One of the most popular limited-edition consoles is back to its Black Friday sale price. This limited-edition console is a great choice if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan. This bundle is available for purchase at Amazon.

Ps4 Pro with Star Wars: Battlefront II: $349.99

It’s a regular Ps4 Pro with a copy of the latest Star Wars game, available at GameStop.

Ps4 Pro, standalone: $349

The Ps4 Pro console just by itself, no games is also available on Amazon at a $50 lesser price than its usual price.

Ps4 Pro white edition with Destiny 2: $399.99

This is by far one of the best deals of this sale. The standalone Ps4 Pro normally sells for $400 and Destiny 2 for $60, this deal gets you both in the price of a standard Ps4 Pro. The white color is an extra Bonus.

Not only this but the Destiny 2 that comes with this bundle also includes the expansion pass which is another $35. Destiny 2’s first expansion also dropped recently, making this a great choice for Destiny fans, getting almost $500 worth of stuff in $399.99.
This bundle is available for purchase at GameStop.

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