Massive discounts on big Ps4 and Xbox One titles in holiday sales

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The holiday season is now here which can only mean one thing for gaming fans: massive discounts. Huge holiday game sales are now live on multiple platforms such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.  Hundreds of games are now going for a fraction of their original price, including some major titles as well. Let’s start by looking at what Sony has to offer for the Ps4.

Sony had started the holiday sale quite early, however, the first week was quite lackluster in terms of the quality or popularity of games being offered on sale. Holiday sale week 2 is currently live, week 3 will soon follow from Tuesday. However, Sony has turned it up a notch by adding a limited time flash sale on top of it as well. This sale will last a bit longer than the usual flash sales because of Christmas and it’s worth it.

The flash sale only includes Ps4 games but almost all of them are great. Persona 5, rated #2 Game of The Year by Gamespot is down to $39.59. Yakuza kiwami is available for $20 now, the new Star Wars Battlefront II is down to only $35. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is going for $30. The highly praised and latest Assassins Creed installment Assassin Creed Origins is now for $40. Gran Turismo Sport is for $35.59.  Absolver is also going for $20.

However, it doesn’t end there. The best is saved for last as the two most highly anticipated Activision games Call of Duty: World War II and Destiny 2 are also on sale in a bundle which costs $78 that gets you both the games. A $118 version of this also exists if you wish to get their deluxe editions. If you wish to buy them separately, then World War II will cost $45 and Destiny 2 around $39. Other great games like Injustice 2 (standalone and Deluxe) are also on sale.

There’s not much for Ps3 and Vita users out there in this sale. Ps3 users can however, get Persona 5 for $33. The older platforms have games on sale in the existing weekly holiday sale. Other great games like Shadow Of Mordor GOTY edition are on sale for only $10. It’s practically a steal!

The flash sale runs for a few days instead of being a weekend only event. It’ll end at 27 December at 8 AM Pacific Time, it is very likely that more games will get added a day before the sale ends to get some more interest in the sale. This sale is great for those who were looking to get Call of Duty or Destiny 2, the latter which just saw the release of its first expansion, so the digital deluxe bundle sounds like a good option if you’re a Destiny fan.

That’s all for the Ps4 flash sale, if you’re a PS plus subscriber, you get an additional 10% on top of the already existing discounts. For example: Injustice 2 deluxe edition is for $53 for non- PS Plus members, however it is for $45 for PS Plus members. The third week for the regular Holiday Sale starts next week as well from 26th December as well, be sure to be on the lookout for that as well as the best games usually go on sale on the last week as Sony would like to end on a high note.

The Xbox Sale

The holiday sale is live on the Xbox store with multiple games on sale for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. There will also be a new game added every day for that day only to get more users interested in the sale. Expect these one-day deals to be huge else they wouldn’t be there for just one day.

Those subscribed to the Xbox live online gold membership will get additional 10% discounts on most games. Many big titles are discounted such as Star Wars Battlefront II which is for $36 ($42 without membership). Assassins Creed Origins is for $40 ($45 without membership), FIFA 18 is for $24 ($30 without membership), insane!

It doesn’t end there, NBA 2K18 is currently going for $39 ($45 without membership), Destiny 2 has the same pricing as NBA 2K18. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is for $36 ($42 without gold), Cuphead is for $17. Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport 7 is going for $39. The Forza games are said to be one of the best racing games around, and it’s an Xbox exclusive title and now it’s going for a very cheap price, get your hands on it while you can!

One of the most anticipated sequels to a highly praised game Middle Earth: Shadow of War is also on sale for $42. It’s predecessor Shadow of Mordor should also be available for around $10, it’s highly recommended you purchase both these games if you haven’t played them already, they’re amazing.

Older titles are on sale too such as Forza Horizon 3 for $25, add an extra $10.49 and you also get its expansion pass as well. The Witcher 3, old but a truly amazing game, regarded as one of the best games of the modern consoles era is now available for a fraction of what it used to cost: $20 ($24 without gold). This $20 or $25 doesn’t just get you the Witcher 3, it gets the complete edition which includes two sizable DLCs. The two DLCs are big enough to become separate games in themselves, that’s how amazing this game is, it’s a must play if you haven’t played already.

The full list of the remaining Xbox One deals:

There are also many Xbox 360 games that are on sale that can also be played on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility such as Red Dead Redemption for $10($13), Call of Duty Black Ops II $20 ($25).

According to Microsoft, more than 650 game deals are now available. Apart from that, there’s the daily game deal as well. All the deals can be seen here. The sale runs till 31 December, don’t miss out on some exciting deals!


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