Massive discounts on AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors now available

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors are now on sale and the discounted deals are out of this world. Several high-end Ryzen chips such as the Threadripper 1920X are now available for significantly lesser prices than their normal cost. The sale offers discounts on other Ryzen chips as well making it all the more worth checking out.

It’s often hard to build decent gaming PCs unless you are willing to invest a lot of money. However, the current Ryzen sale will make life a bit easier by offering some of the best processor chips out there at reduced prices. The sale includes the likes of the two high-end Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X, the three Ryzen 7 (1700, 1700X, and 1800X) models. It also includes three Ryzen 5 (1400, 1500X, 1600X) SKUs and two Ryzen 3 (1200, 1300X) versions.

The Threadripper 1920X is now selling for only $670 which used to be originally priced at $749 (£689, AU$1,099). The Ryzen 1900X is available for around $430 which is more than a hundred dollars less from its original price of $549 (£375, AU$630). There is no uniformity with the discounts, they vary from product to product, so one product may receive a huge discount whereas one may not get as big of a discount. However, most of them are big discounts such as the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is available for $869 down from its original price of $999.

The Ryzen 7 1800X can be bought for $329 and the Ryzen 3 1200 is now available for just $94 making it the first time a Ryzen CPU went below $100 in retail price. There will be four major retailers who will be participating in this sale in the United States. Retailers include Amazon, Newegg, Micro Center, and Fry’s. It’s not confirmed whether this sale is global or not as Amazon UK and Amazon France only offer discounted rates for just a few products compared to this sale.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a major price cut on AMD’s part. They previously cut prices in order to compete with their rival Intel. However, that price cut wasn’t as big as this one as these prices almost match AMD’s Black Friday prices. However, the former price cut was global whereas this one is limited to a few retailers. Moreover, this price cut has focused mostly on the higher-end version of the market as most of the major discounts are on the higher power processors.

One possible explanation for the price cut is the imminent arrival of the next generation of Ryzen CPUs. It is common for something to become cheaper when a newer version of that same thing comes out. There has been speculation due to rumors that have spread regarding the arrival of the second generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors. If that indeed is true, then the price cut makes sense. Otherwise, it may just be that they’re trying to get more people to buy their higher-end products.
Whatever’s the case, the massive price cut is here to stay until the end of March, so it’s best to use it to its fullest.

It’s not just the Threadripper that’s getting a discount

AMD’s mainline chips are getting small discounts as well. These chips have already greatly fallen in price and will likely continue to do so. This is because AMD wants to make Ryzen chips more common amongst its users, which is why they’re trying to make Ryzen chips as affordable as possible. Some of the best discounts from the mainline chips include:

Whether you’re looking to build a new one or upgrade your PC, it’s a great time to check this sale out as it’s only there for a limited period of time. However, if you want a substantial upgrade and are willing to wait, then rumors suggest that it’s not long before we get to see the second generation of Threadrippers in action. Therefore, it would be better to wait if a larger upgrade is what you’re looking for.

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