Man Who Shoved Polish Citizens onto Train Tracks Sentenced to 10 Years

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A British football fanatic, Christopher Cole, 32, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after he had allegedly shoved a Polish man onto the tube tracks just 30 seconds before a train was set to arrive at the station.

The Polish man was identified as David Pietraszek, 21, who was a builder. Christopher was furious towards the behavior that Russian fans had shown during the Euro Cup of 2016.

Christopher stated in court that he did not want Britain to be regarded as “wusses” so he went out drunk one day and decided to start a fight with a Russian, in which he then confused David for one.

Ego Taking Over

Christopher spotted David at the station of Bond Street, then proceeded to follow David onwards all the way till at the platform of Jubilee line.

At that moment CCTV footage had captured the moment the angry football hooligan had pushed David onto the live tracks, which resulted in David being injured, but who still managed to escape from the oncoming train and avoid certain death.

Several onlookers and travelers who were stunned by this incident went into to assist David.

Extremely Lucky

Christopher pleaded guilty at court that he had attempted to induce significant body harm to David and received his sentencing at the Old Bailey.

Deana Heer, the Prosecutor, stated that Christopher had portrayed a violent behavior towards several other travelers at the station and had been drinking.

David at the time had told him to just calm down and return back home, in which then Christopher decided to follow David to the platform as he awaited his train and pushed him in the chest.

Heer then states that such a fall onto the rail was enough to result in a shock that would prove to be fatal. However, due to David wearing soles that were made out of rubber, he was spared from the severe shock that would have occurred.

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