Man shot at Demonstration at University of Washington

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A man in his 20’s, whose identity is yet unknown was shot during a demonstration that took place last Friday at the University of Washington.

According to authorities, the suspected gunman is said to be an Asian male who was around his 50’s, and his current whereabouts are unknown at the moment.

Reports have stated that the victim who was shot has received severe injuries and has been considered to be in a life-threatening state.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a commentator for the far-right had organized the demonstration that took place at the Washington University against Donald Trump.

An eyewitness to the shooting claims that the man who was shot had attempted to calm the tensions in the protest and served as a peacemaker.

Not So Peaceful for Everyone

According to reports from this matter, police officers resorted to pepper spraying protestors after bricks along with paint balloons had apparently been thrown at them during the demonstration.

The reports state that the young male in his 20’s had been shot at right near Kane Hall. Ana Maria Cauce, the President of the University of Washington, expressed her shock and sadness upon the incident.

“I am absolutely heartbroken that someone was shot on our campus during tonight’s protest,” Cauce said.

Carry on With the Show

Cauce went on to add that she is outraged that anyone could ultimately go down the path of violence during this matter, as she is sure that those who protested had done so with no violent intentions.

This goes for both those against Donald J. Trump or for him. Yiannopoulos stated that upon hearing about the shooting, he decided that “the show should go on.”

Mr. Yiannopoulos added that this is to send a clear message that their cause and protests cannot be silenced by their members being killed. “I am not prepared to do that,” he said in his final statement.

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