Man in Idaho Confesses to Hate Crime as He Killed a Gay Man

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Kelly Schneider, 23, has confessed to committing murder on a gay man as a hate crime in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Originally Schneider would have earned life imprisonment, but by pleading guilty his sentence can possible drop down to 28 years.

In court Schneider admitted that he lured Steven Nelson to an isolated area in which he then proceeded to stomp and kick on Nelson using steel-toed boots.

The Idaho man stated in court that he kicked Nelson more than two dozen times, which eventually resulted in his death.

A Planned Murder

According to the documents of the plea agreement that was made, it states that on April 27th of 2016, Schneider had requested solicitation for sexual intercourse through a site called

The Idaho man posted a photo of himself where he is shirtless, then Nelson ended up making a response to the request.

The same night both men ended up meeting but did not conduct in sex.

Nelson was said to have also paid Schneider money in which he accepted.

Wendy Olson, the attorney, stated that prior to both men meeting, Schneider had told his friends that he isn’t gay and would not permit any gay person to so much as touch him.

Deadly Romantic Encounter

As Schneider met Nelson, he suggested that they go to a discreet and isolated area to indulge in a more romantic atmosphere.

However, Nelson was not aware that Schneider had planned a robbery at the same time and two of his other friends were waiting for him near the wildlife area in case Nelson had shown any resistance.

The plea agreement states that as Schneider proceeded to beat Nelson to death, the gay man had never showed any resistance. After Schneider carried out his crime, he left the man’s body and fled the scene using Nelson’s car.

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