Makyu Form Box: Make 3D things on your Desktop

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For many years the art forms have been mainly 2D, (not taking sculptures into account). Even the models for a particular project were simply paper drawings until we were hit by the 3D printers, which gave a bit of life to these models and drawings.

However the task became too time taking, for one had to wait for hours for the completion of the model that these things were only resorted to, in time of extreme need.

However, much popular these days is Mayku’sFormBox, quicker than 3D printer, easier than baking a cake and powered by your vacuum cleaner!!

Launched by UK-based start-up Mayku, the former released a couple of months back is powered by a Hoover and is small enough to fit on your desktop. It perfectly forms replicas of the object on which the thermoplastic sheet is placed.

Which then can be used to form any 3D product of your choice. It is perfect for people working on small projects, since it’s more accessible, simpler and smaller in size than the usual vacuum forming machine.

With an economic price of $459, the reservations come with the following added benefits:

  • Free lifetime access to the Mayku Library
  • 30 Free sheets to form with
  • Universal vacuum connector
  • 500g of casting material
  • Your first maker project

Making the box sell like hot cakes. The company plans to add further features to the box and currently building an online library which lets the users share their designs with one another.

The FormBox is perfect for starting up small businesses from your desktop. With making molds in minutes, the Box is quick solution to develop your product range. You can always experiment with different shapes, allowing more space to test your ideas, creating duplicates, prototypes and various alterations.

One such awesome example of a business startup is of Daisy’s Cactus Pots. Using the FormBox she was able to experiment and get the desired shape of the cactus pot. Once the shape was satisfactory, she filled hermolds with concrete, making 25 concrete cactus pots.  Now she successfully runs the start-up forming any shaped pot, based on customer demands.

“The speed of the MaykuFormBox means that I can make products fast enough to meet the demands of my customers” this is what she said regarding the FormBox.

Here is how the whole mechanism works; Firstly you select the desired material and insert it into the FormBox. Then chose a 3D template you want to mold and place it on the FormBox bed. Switch on the heater on the Box to warm up the material.

Then pull the heated material over the template and turn the vacuum on to make a 3D form. Finally use the form to your liking, either as it is or as a mold to cast multiple versions of your design. As simple as that!

The FormBox is certainly out of the Box creation, with getting positive reviews from their customers, it continues to sell like hot cakes. It makes life easier for those thinking about buying a large scale vacuum former; chefs, crafters, bakers, generally everyone into the world of making.

This Box has made 3D printing accessible to wide range of users, allowing vast room for experimentation and creativity.

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