Major brands compete for a chance to feature their skins within Fall Guys

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a new battle royale game. Announced at E3 in June 2019, it released recently on 4 August 2020 on Steam and PlayStation 4. Shows like Takeshi’s Castle and It’s a Knockout profoundly inspire the gameplay design in this game.

Owing to its new gameplay style, Fall Guys is making strides in popularity lately. It one again makes way to the headline with a new announcement about a competition. Fall Guys is now hosting a battle between famous designers and brands for a good cause.Β  In this competition, the brand that donates the most to UK based charity SpecialEffect will get to have their skin inside the game.

Image: PlayStation

The announcement came from theΒ Fall Guys Twitter account when they posted about the requests from various brands and how they plan to turn it into a competition. In the “battle of the brands,” all the brands will fight each other in donations. To prove themselves worthy of the in-game representation. They have asked companies to donate to SpecialEffect.

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It is a charity organization based in the UK that works in devices to aid disabled gamers. The winner prize for this competition is an in-game branded skin. Following up on this announcement, Fall Guys has said that the company with the highest pledged donation after two weeks will win this battle. Fall guy also tagged several big names like KFC and Chuck E. Cheese on Twitter to take part in this charity contest.

In addition to attracting a lot of brand attention, Fall Guys also has gotten a good response from the streamer community. It takes the mundane and straightforward battle royale design and modifies it in a way that has never been done before. This game has brought fast gameplay filled with bouncing little creatures and a colorful world filled with chaos.

It offers a minimal yet highly customizable character design. Players can make the characters their own with various skins and accessories. This opens doors for a lot of brands to place their designed skins and accessories in the game. Fall Guys Publisher Devolver Digital says that they are currently overwhelmed with requests from various brands trying to get their items in-game.

Fall Guys – The Battle of the Brands:

Many of the brands mentioned on twitter are all set for this competition and have shown their interest in the skins. As we said before, the character design of these games gives so many possibilities for different companies. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has gotten a lot of popularity both in the PC gaming community as well as the console world since it’s launch.

Consequently, a lot of brands also think of this game as a marketing opportunity. This resulted in a competition petting brands against one another to donate to charity in exchange for an in-game skin based on the winner.

Fall Guys
Image: Steam

Another thing worth mentioning is that Mediatonic, the game developer did not plan for this level of success. The game is already experiencing a lot of matchmaking problems due to a lack of server capacity. Lastly, this fundraising competition is something really good at the time of the global pandemic.

Its good to see came developers using the popularity gained by Fall Guys for a good cause. Many other developers are adding several accessibility features to their new games. We can surely say that other game developers will also follow this trend set by Fall Guys. They will keep on supporting companies like SpecialEffect, which are an example of how wholesome the gaming community is.

The brands running for the champion are investing in massive amounts. We have about $100,000 USD pledged for SpecialEffect. Some of the companies have already released their planned outfits. We can hope that the donations keep their current momentum, and we see more exciting news about this scene in the coming weeks. Who knows Fall Guys might offer more that one winner seats if the number of donations becomes overwhelming.


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