Magical Repair Armor – Poke a Hole and See them Disappearing!

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NCT Welder Jacket from Imperial Motion on Vimeo.

For a person who loves hiking, walking through rough patches via woods and ending up having their clothes ripped, this new innovative technology is just for you! Imperial Motion introduces ‘Nano Cure Tech jacket’ from its clothing line’.  It is a range of Jackets that manufactured to get repair themselves, without you sweating about it!

About NCT Welder Jacket

  • The Fabric of the jacket is very lightweight.
  • Shell is made from 100% nylon
  • Lining of the jacket is 100% polyester
  • It is made of waterproof nylon
  • Durable nylon rip
  • Works best on small lacerations or holes.
  • Not recommended for big holes, created deliberately through scissors/ knives etc. for testing.


NCT Welder Jacket has the following features:

  • Self-healing Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Nylon Shell
  • Mesh Lined
  • Reverse Coil Zipper
  • Pouch Pocket
  • Custom Trims
  •  Elastic cuffs and Waistband.
  • Regular fit.
  • Logo Embroidered on the left upper part of the sleeve.
  • Adjustable hood.
  • Wind resistant.
  • Two front hand pockets with mesh lining.


You can shop NCT Welder Jacket from the Imperial motion official website. It is available in Black and Olive colors, and in all sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

What to do?

The incredible creation brings you ease. All that you need to do is

  1. Remove any foreign object
  2. For about 10 seconds, rub the fabric of the Jacket together
  3. Watch the hole disappearing completely!

How does it work?

The fabric of Nano Cure Tech Jacket gives you the ease of “fixing” itself because of its special agent that coats the fabric, in addition to the heat produced from friction caused by rubbing it.

The friction binds the fibers of the cloth together, resulting in rapid repairing. It is truly magical, but in reality, it is just the wonders of science!

According to Business Insider, “The new Nano Cure Tech clothing line from Imperial Motion aims to change all of that with a jacket that actually repairs itself. All you have to do is remove the object, rub the fabric together for a few seconds, and watch as the hole completely disappears. While the material isn’t indestructible, it’s a great option for anyone who frequently finds holes in their clothes.”

Is the Jacket indispensable?

No! It may be noted though that as self-repairable as it may be, the fabric of the Jacket is not entirely indestructible but it surely is a quick fix!

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