MacBook 18 around the corner – What to expect

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A few weeks back Apple gave out invitations for two events their educational event WWDC and their special event; there were many speculations that this year’s MacBook would be unveiled during the special event. Unfortunately, this did not happen; now people are looking forward to their WWDC event that will be held on 4th June. Nevertheless, the hype is there as always with so many leaks that it is inevitable to stop thinking about what the defining features of the 2018 MacBook would be.

Starting with the MacBook Air, the rumor suggests that the display will be upgraded from the last year, with fewer bezels around the edges and the newer Coffee lake processors, and the price of the Air model will be lesser than the last year, kudos to Apple for that as it is trying to reach the low-end consumers this time around. Apart from that,it is also expected that it might have the Kaby Lake G processors that have integrated VEGA graphics on board, but it is one of the most “non-certified” rumorsfor Air however it is expected to be seen in the pro models.

The 13-inch MacBook pro this time around will feature the quad core CPUs that has never been the case with the 13-inch model since it was announced in 2016, this is mainly due to the Intel’s newer 8th generation processor that requires the same TDP as the last gen’s dual core processors, apart from that it is rumored that there will be two 13-inch models, the cheaper one will not have the iconic touch strip that provides not only several features but also the function keys for the keyboard,but  Apple is reputed to debunk the rumors at the revelation. The last year’s 13-inch model had 1TB SSD maximum it will also be upgraded to 2 TB, all else configurations of DDR4/LPDDR3 memory, storage, processor Core i3, i5, i7 will be there.

Lastly, the flagship 15-inch MacBook pro will have the 6 core processors, that has never been the case with the 15-inch model, the storage options will also be upgraded up to mouth watering 4TB SSD, and due to the recent collaboration with AMD, it is expected to have AMD’s discreet graphics processors on board, as graphics card requires more cooling and due to the compact design of MacBook pro, Apple will have to loose some screws here or there in order to fit a discreet graphics card making this rumor slightly obsolete, but it can be done of all possibilities.

However, the Kaby Lake G processors are expected to be housed in one of the 3 MacBooks, more so in the 15-inch model than in any other model, but if ithappens, it will be a treat for all those esports gamers that like Mac OS.

The most important concern of any MacBook user is its mushy butterfly switch keyboard, although the keyboard is not that bad, the traditional MacBook users might find it better than their preference, but the keyboard is below average.

However, it is expected to be changed this time around with some other technology on Apple’s part,or it will go for the magnetic keyboard like the one present in DELL XPS 15 2-in-1, that helps in retaining the compact build of the laptop and does not feel mushy. However, it’s still a rumor that will soon be realized or debunked when the MacBook will be unveiled.

To conclude, if you are looking for MacBook you should wait for the new MacBook to release, with better processors, better storage options, better keyboard and hopefully with a better price tag. So, look forward to the WWDC event that will be held on the 4th June or in September along with the new iPhone, and stay tuned for more updates.

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