LumiWatch Prototype, a watch turning arm into a touchscreen

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As the world prepares itself to turn into completely robotic, technology gives us a sneak peak of another futuristic gadget that turns our arm into a touchscreen. That’s right, phone devices may be eliminated in the future, replaced by a technology this new LumiWatch is introducing.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and ASU Tech have named their new invention LumiWatch prototype that projects a screen on your hand using a built-in, 15 lumen laser projector which also enables the user to operate the system by touching it just like it’s done on smartphones.

There are many advanced smart watches available in the market currently; most famous ones are coming from Apple but none of them offers the feature LumiWatch does. In fact, calling it just a smart watch wouldn’t do justice to its incredible and unique technology. This technique could pave a way for developing bigger interfaces of this same type, replacing big devices like Laptops and TVs.

This watch uses a built-in projector to turn your arm into a touchscreen from CNBC.

LumiWatch works exactly like a smartphone, it can tapped, swiped and scrolled. The custom software installed in the watch removes image distortion and calibrates the screen for easy and clear usage. The impressive battery life of LumiWatch keeps it running for at least 24 hours.

Unfortunately, this advanced smartwatch isn’t for sale currently but as per researchers, the cost of LumiWatch prototype in near future will be around $600.

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