Lucid Air – The Future Of Electric Cars

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The Lucid Air is an electric luxury car which is manufactured by Lucid Motors – formerly known as Atieva. The company was first started in 2007 in California. Most of the Lucid’s veterans previously worked for Tesla and Mazda.

The Lucid Air, originally known as the “Atieva Atvus”, their fastest Electric car was unveiled last year in December 2016 at CES. The car will be set to production in 2020. There will be two versions of this car. The base version with a starting price of $52,500 will have a 400 horsepower motor and 240 mile range. The launch version​ with a starting price of $100,000 has a twin motor of up to 1000  horsepower and 315 mile range.

In the category of cars namely Model S v2.0 which currently involves brands like Tesla, Audi, Mercedes, Lucid by all accounts standing out at this early stage. They are continuously upgrading their Model S with bigger car batteries, the 21-inch Lucid-Design wheel, software updates and autonomous driving hardware.

The Lucid Air is very sleek and clean in design and the exterior looks pretty familiar; resembling a big sedan. The company did their best to make it look futuristic and modern. The door handles are completely embedded in the doors. The headlights are motorized which lights up in a unique and modernized style. It has a very luxurious eye-catching interior which is the biggest complaint of Tesla users that their interiors do not feel futuristic and luxurious according to the price point. The Lucid Motors did a great job in the interior department​ with the material choices, the layouts and the look and feel to make​ it look as modernize as possible.

The driver will have lots of controls with three displays, the displays to the left and right are touch sensitive with a couple of vehicle control options the screen heads up to the steering​ shows your speed, charge, the weather etc. The Lucid Air got its name due to its unique windshield which goes from hood to all the way to the back giving a very airy and open experience. The back seat has a lot of space for leg room and another touch screen in the middle with the hand rest through which you can control your​ seat recline. All the interiors look and feel premium. The Lucid Air will surely give the most comfortable riding experience.

The prototype of Lucid Air reached the top speed of 235 mph (378 km/h) breaking the top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h) of a Model S version. The test was set at Ohio’s Transportation Research Center. The engineers are working significantly​ to assess this high speed, to keep the vehicle stable. They will utilize the gathered information to guarantee ideal performance in the final version. The production version will surely be a bit slower than the prototype version as because the production version will be heavier.

The reason for the delayed production is because the company does not have a manufacturing plant right now. The Lucid Motors has planned to construct a $700 million plant in Casa Grande, Arizona. It will employ up to 2000 workers. The motive of the company is to build 20,000 to 130,000 cars per year.

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