Logitech MX Master 3 Review – A Mouse with Futuristic Features?

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Logitech recently unveiled their new flagship mouse namely the MX Master 3. If you’re not familiar with Logitech lineup – more specifically the MX series- these things are built for productivity, they are great for coders, designers, people who use spreadsheets or multitaskers who just like to switch between windows all the time.

This is the third generation of the MX lineup and is very similar to the second one. They are pretty much the same thing except this one’s more fine-tuned and just polished up overall. Alongside with this mouse, Logitech also released their first generation MX keyboard which is really exciting because that thing is also specifically designed for productivity.

I’m really excited to see what Logitech has to offer in the keyboard so make sure you guys stay tuned and look out for that also. When I receive the package here’s what was included in the box; the mouse, of course, the USB to USB Type C cable to charge the mouse, a dongle for wireless connectivity and the instructions manual.

Now let’s dive deep down and take a look at what Logitech Master MX 3 has for us to offer.

Let’s start with the design and the build quality of this mouse. It is very similar to the MX 2 in terms of its overall shape and functionality but they have changed some things up.

Image: Gadget Flow

One of the most exciting upgrades is the new scroll wheel in the front, here the scroll wheel is not made of gears. It is actually built on a magnetic system which basically means you can scroll a lot smoother and faster during your workflow process.

Logitech claims that the new stainless steel “MagSpeed Wheel” scroll wheel on board can be up to 90% faster and 87% more precise than what’s found on its other mice. Once you use the scroll on this mouse it will be really hard to go back to some other mouse cause the thing is buttery smooth.

Another thing they changed in the MX 3 series versus the MX 2 is the button position for the backward and forward buttons. Previously it was behind the scroll wheel on the side where it was a little bit uncomfortable to reach but now they put it right under the thumb rest which makes it a lot easier to quickly access which is definitely a good upgrade.

I’m personally a bigger fan of this mouse than the previous version. I like this slim modern sleek line design they created here compared to the MX2 version which had like this diamond-shaped pattern, I thought that looked pretty cool as well but I personally liked the newer version

The only thing I’m not a fan of with the MX 3 is the gesture button position it seems like it’s a little further down which makes it a little bit harder to reach and I feel like I really have to emphasize on stretching my thumb out every time I want to use the gesture shortcuts.

On the bottom of the MX 3 we have a few buttons down there; we have on an off switch button, a sensor which pretty much works on all surfaces including glass which is really nice so you’re always on the go no matter what surface you put it on most likely this mouse is gonna work out for you.

The mouse features device connectors allowing you to connect up to three devices at the same time which is really nice if you have multiple computers setup.

This feature really comes in handy in many situations, for instance, you’re streaming on one and then actually working on another,  you don’t have to have multiple my sling around you can just use one mouse to use up to three computers. It really improves multitasking and overall workflow.

The mouse does work across platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux so you shouldn’t have any issues with connecting this mouse to any devices. You can connect the mouse to a computer using the USB dongle, wireless Bluetooth or the cable that’s included in the packaging.

A good thing about using the cable is you can actually use the mouse while it’s charging to ensure that you don’t run out of battery. Speaking of the battery this thing has some really quick charging times, Logitech says that you can charge this thing for one minute and it will last for up to three hours which is really impressive.

If you charge the mouse to 100%, it will ensure that you can use the mouse for up to 70 days which means you can take this thing on trips without having to worry about keeping it charged.

Now in terms of features, there are quite some unique things you can do with this mouse. One of the features Logitech has is called Logitech Flow which lets you copy text or images from one computer and paste it on another computer.

So if you have two computers connected to this mouse you can easily transfer data from one to the other which is really great for increasing productivity and making your workflow a lot efficient and easy.

I personally like to use the mouse with the gesture keys which allows me to do things like open my Mac windows and switch between tabs which I find really handy, it helps speed up my workflow.

Another thing I like to do is use the scroll bar on the side of the mouse which helps me pan around and Final Cut Pro to make editing videos a lot quicker and easier.

Moving on to the build quality, I love the aesthetics of this thing, the grip, and its overall structure feels really robust. The mouse feels really good in the hands and gives up that effect that you know you’re holding a premium Mouse when you put the MX 3 in your hands

Of course with a premium product also comes a premium price tag, this thing goes for $100 which is pretty expensive for a mouse. If you’re looking for an upgrade and you want something nice and high-quality with versatile then Logitech MX Master 3 is the right way to go.

So this was all about the Logitech MX Master 3 from my side. I hope you find this post informative, if you have any queries then make sure to drop down a comment below.

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