Logan Paul’s regret makes him spend $1 million for suicide prevention – Sounds ironic?

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It may sound sarcastic to many who opposed Logan Paul for his actions during his trip to Japan, but the news is totally true that the same Youtuber who messed up in his vlog video showing a dead body of someone who committed suicide in the so-called suicide forest, has now decided to work for the prevention of suicide.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Logan Paul, one of the two Paul brothers who run their Youtube channels for entertainment, comedy and rap music, has now become a Youtube sensation and that too, just because of his recent controversy. Even though his suicide video received a massive backlash, the number of subscribers on his channel has grown massively too.

Currently standing on 16 million+ subscribers on his vlog channel, It seems like Logan Paul wasn’t really hit with the penalty we would expect Youtube to use in reference to its content violation and community guidelines. We don’t know what Youtube was thinking but apart from that, Paul did compromise with his reputation as not only his fans turned against him (except the die-hard ones) but mainstream Media as well as social media also opposed his actions in strict words.

After the incident of Logan ‘disrespecting a dead body’ as alleged by media, the 22 year old Youtuber agreed to have accepted his mistake, and apologized to his fans and masses on a video. He also reached twitter for that matter and tweeted screenshots of his apology note.

But the backlash didn’t stop at that moment since the incident was fresh and hard to forget; talks shows, news, blogs, celebrities and whatnot showed their disappointment towards Logan’s Suicide Vlog. Even the commercial partners listed on Paul’s website, like HBO, Ubisoft, Virgin Mobile and Dunkin’ Donuts denied when Buzzfeed news inquired to them about their plans with Logan Paul. HBO in its statement clearly said that Logan had once made a marketing promotion video for Game of Thrones but other than that, they had or have no other plans to work with him.

Now the question arises that after what it looks like such a big mess, did Logan Paul really lose his place? Our answer is, Not really! Ever since the incident happened, the amount of limelight Logan has received is certainly bigger than he ever had. Be it positive or negative, a publicity always turns out to be in the favor of the fortune of Youtubers and that’s what happened here as well; Paul’s fame spread and now the people who didn’t even know his name, know all about him.

However, in the video recently uploaded on his channel, the big guy seems to be repenting now and to fix the damage he made, Logan has decided to join hands with the couple of suicide prevention organizations and pledged to spend $1 million in this regard.

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