Lifx Color 1000 LED Smart Bulb, Better than Philips Hue!

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Philips has been an undisputed champion when it comes to quality lightning for the home or office as they have been producing really good bulbs and lights since many years.

Recently Philips Hue received hype for being a bulb that changes color with the help of your smartphone. It was a unique idea as no such concept was introduced before. The basic purpose of these color changing LED bulbs is to provide light of your choice of color without changing the bulb, or when you get bored of one color and decide to scatter a different color lightening around across your room.

However, these color changing bulbs especially Philips Hue is expensive than a simple LED bulbs, which is why Lifx has come up with their new smart LED bulb with the name of Lifx Color 100.

Lifx has the potential to kill the Phillips Hue’s hype and market as it is more efficient, brighter and most importantly way cheaper than the Philips hue. It’s compatible with IFTT that diminishes the gap of Philips’ third-party app.

Lifx bulb communicates directly with Wi-Fi, which means that you don’t need a costly hub or a starter kit like you need with Philips to establish a connection with the bulb.

Lifx comes at a cheap cost of $60, which however is still expensive compared to the normal bulbs available in the market. But it’s still very inexpensive than Philips hue.
With a 2 years limited warranty and a life span of 22.9 years, this 11 watts bulb have 1100 lumens and give you full spectrum color of 16 million colors and 1000 shades from warm to cool whites.

This bulb is operated with smartphone app that is available on iOS and android along with Windows 10. The Lifx app on the smartphone offers 16 different white light settings to choose from 2500 to 9000 K. however if you up or down the color temperature of the Lifx bulb from the app from the default 3500 K setting, the brightness of the bulbs drops. This fall is less than the pervious generation Lifx Smart LED Bulb, and the new 2nd generation is brighter than the generation one Lifx.

The default settings of the Lifx Color 1000 have the brightest part of the spectrum, which is not the case in Philips Hue. You get some pretty good effects on the app like candle effect or a random mode that automatically selects a color for the bulb etc.

The Cons:

Lifx Color 1000 might be better than Philips hue in performance and price but still it isn’t the best designed bulb, the flat top of the bulb does not easily fits into many holders, unless you have a wide holder or an open face lamp only then you can accommodate Lifx or else it wont fit.

The other downside of Lifx color 1000 is with the color wheel option in your smart phone you can only select one color for one bulb at a time, while with Philips Hue or Misfit bulb, you can change the colors of more than one bulb at a time.


Lifx Color 1000 is a really good deal if you are looking for a budget friendly smart bulb, with no extra after market hub. It’s cheaper than most of the top notch smart bulbs and it performs really good. The 2 years limited warranty gives you a freedom to change or replace the bulb if it has any issues. And the life span of the Lifx is pretty impressive too.

The price of Lifx Color 1000 is $60 and its currently on sale on the official website, if you buy more than 1 piece. So if you are planning to buy it you can get it at a discounted rate.

Do you like this innovation in your home bulbs or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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