LG CLOi Serving Robot helps with drinks, shopping and luggage

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The modern era has seen a lot of changes, with robots coming a part of our daily life day by day. To make such happen LG’s initiative to make Robots useful is evident from the past.

At the last year CES, a pair of robots were showcased to the public. These robots would be able to assist the travelers at airports in finding their way around. Furthermore, they would also be able to help clean up airports. In a similar tradition, LG unveiled new concept robots for carrying your drinks, suitcase, and even shopping.

There isn’t much which could be gathered about the robots, except that the concept robots were three in number. Their dimensions and their speed aren’t known yet as well. All which could be gathered from right now is just from the pictures. It is apparent from the images, that the robot is supposed to be smaller than an average human. For it to move around, there are hidden wheels at the base too.

Moreover, the robots have their display built-in. It is to be assumed that the purpose of such built-in displays is to relay information to the consumer and to provide information to the robot as well.

Not only this, but the robot face is pretty similar to the company’s line of home hub robot appearing like a bright eye. You can check out the LG’s airport guide robot in the image below. This essentially means that the LG’s new “CLOi” range would have another addition, as this robot is expected to be a part of it. If you are wondering what CLOi is then you can just think of it as a new fancy name for all the LG’s robot product line.

As you can see in the picture below, there is the CLOi serving robot. Not only does this robot have a built-in sliding tray but shall also assist in delivering food and drinks in hotels and airports. In addition to this robot is the CLOi porter robot too. It will be an ease of mind for someone else to carry your luggage but is not a human. The robot is perfectly capable of transporting your luggage around. Furthermore, the robot is also able to handle “express check-in and check-out services” single handedly as well.

Last but not the least is a soon going to be a woman’s favorite robot; The CLOi shopping robot. It will move along with you where you go, and will carry any shopping bags or stuff you buy, and will also keep a record of their prices as well.

If you were looking to get your hands on one, then sorry to disappoint you yet remind you that these are just “concept” robots, which means they aren’t available to the general public yet. It’s to be assumed that LG will plausibly give them a go, by trials in certain areas. LG’s two airport robots are already making themselves useful by helping at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, but they are still under trial.

If you want more information about these concept robots, then just wait for them to be unveiled at this year’s CES, as it is expected to reveal a lot more than this.


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