Let’s talk about Fortnite, its Invite Event for iOS 11 and putting Android users on hold

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One game which took the world by storm the last year was none other than the Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale. The game which released somewhere in the middle of the year 2017, was available on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and for PCs. The smartphone users were left behind, though now it seems that it would be a dream come true since the app is coming to smartphones as well.

Hitting Appstore first, Fortnite is available for iphone users but there’s a caveat as the game has limited invites for people to play it on iOS. Only lucky people who receive an invite from their Fortnite player friend would be able to access the game on the phone or the people who get the invite link from Epic games will have the fun. “New invites will roll out as the servers can handle more people”, says the developers.

Fortnite forming a Legacy?

Nobody could have guessed that the termed ‘Fortnite’ could be given a totally different context altogether. Referred by most of the public to describe two weeks in total, now the term is vastly related with gamers, who occasionally throw in a joke by replying is it going to be a Battle Royale, whenever someone tells a person about how long their trip shall be.

Like other Battle Royale type games, Fortnite also shares a similar goal; Be the last man or team standing against more than 100s of players. This is a tough task but achieving this, would really test out all your gaming skills. In case you want to play with friends, you can also team up with 3 others, excluding you.

Since there isn’t any fee associated with the game, it attracted a lot of gamers worldwide. Though the game does earn revenue through in-game purchases. Not only this but since it is one of the most played game on online game streaming services like Twitch, it is likely that the game is earning money through that as well.

Now that finally, the game would be coming to mobile phones as well, there could very easily be crossplay as well as cross-progression involved. This would mean that all iOS, Androids, consoles and Personal Computers would form a single gaming environment. Essentially, this won’t leave anyone high and dry, since anyone could play against anyone on the other side, whatever their chosen platform for gaming might be. Though there is a single caveat; Xbox and PS4 users can’t compete with one another, though they can easily do so against other users.

Though it should be noted that the mobile version of the game isn’t yet fully developed, therefore, not everyone can access it. But, in case you want to know the availability of the game on your device and when it would be possible, do read the rest of the article.

More or less similar to PC and Console Versions.

The first question which might have come to your mind was obviously that whether the gaming experience would be same on mobile phones. You would have access to all Fortnite Battle Royale Features on your smartphone like you do on any other platform. Therefore, you won’t be missing out on anything. Although, there are subtle differences, yes, they are expected because of a constraint of a smartphone screen.

The visuals wouldn’t, therefore, be that good as on a proper platform, though they are much similar if you have a phone with a good quality screen. Secondly, as expected, you will be playing the game by using the touchscreen of course. Also, the audio cues are visual too. This is for the case when you want to play around people without disturbing them, else you would have had to wear headphones. The bottom line is, there isn’t truly any difference.

Can’t wait for the iOS version, what do I do?

It is largely heartbreaking to hear, but it is true that you won’t be able to play the game if you don’t happen to have an invite. The irony is that even with an invite restriction it quickly topped the download charts in the United States. If you haven’t gotten an invite still, you can register yourself on Epic’s official website, and they are quick enough to grant people invites though gradually.

Though, despite this, you would also need to have a relatively newer Apple hardware, as anything less than an iPhone SE won’t work, if you want to play on an iOS mobile that is. Though for the tablet fans, anything that is iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or 2017 iPad would work.

All is clear ahead when you have received your invite. This is because you would just need to activate your account by following the invite, and then you would finally be able to log on the app. Though, sadly, by gradually it doesn’t mean you would get an invite as soon as you request Epic. This is because, Epic expects much load on their servers, so they have to make sure their servers don’t get overloaded fast enough which might cause some downtime on the game itself. Therefore, with steadily giving out invites, they are ensuring uninterrupted gameplay for those already on the mobile gaming platform.

Okay so I have an Android, is there a chance I can play?

Sadly, Android users will have to wait until further notice. There hasn’t been any official statement regarding the Android release yet, so it is hard to say when it shall see the light, but it is expected that it shall do so in a couple of months.

Wait, I got an invite link, is it for real?

No, unless you specifically signed up for the invite, you won’t be getting one. Therefore, it is huge possibility that the invite you are getting is largely a huge scam. Since the game has already got so much hype around it, it wouldn’t be surprising, if the user clicks on the fake invite links, later to only find out their smartphone having the dreaded unwanted software.

The Fortnite’s Twitter Page was caring enough to even post about this highlighting the concern of these illegitimate links.



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