Lenovo celebrates its 25th anniversary launching Retro Thinkpad

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The Lenovo ThinkPad which has been in the run for more than 25 years just got a retro update and it’s pretty exciting!

Originally owned by IBM, ThinkPad is a series of personal laptops, which was originally designed and sold by the computer giant IBM, until the Chinese tech-giant, Lenovo stepped forward, and acquired the brand in 2005. Marking its 25th Anniversary in style, Lenovo, the leading laptop manufacturer just released a remarkable retro update to its ThinkPad line.

If you consider the current T470 model retro, then re-imagine a fresh new model with a even retro-er aspect, living up to the hopes of the retro-lovers.It lives up to the modern incarnation of a classic design.

The first one of a kind original ThinkPad was actually designed by a german industrialist, Richard Sapper, one of the most important designers of his generation. The 25th Anniversary ThinkPad is based on the same design of the traditional Japanese Bento Box, even right down to the one of a kind Red Track point around the center of the keyboard!

Though like with every update, there are changes here and there, while still pertaining to a more classic element, which was hinted at by the Vice President of Lenovo’s Design, David Hill a couple of years ago.

Not only does this edition boast a multicoloured logo, but also has dedicated volume keys (Turn Down for What eh?), multiple status LEDs (forgot to turn off capslock?), a complete 7 row keyboard making it all easier for you to type without having to worry about hitting the backslash instead of enter.

Moreover there is the classic rubberised coating enabling rough usage without any worries. Further there is a ThinkVintage enter button in blue which makes it even cooler!

Coming to the hardware aspect, the machine is powered by a top of the line Intel’s 7th Generation Core i7 processor enabling faster processing. A whopping 16 GB of RAM assures you of a smooth performance and a dedicated Nvidia Geforce 940Fx means you won’t have trouble playing heavy games, and running software which requires high amount of dedicated memory.

Furthermore, it is accompanied by a 512GB SSD, making sure not only is there tonne of space for your data but also enabling faster Read/Write access.

Not only this but it also has all the required peripherals of a modern hardware. There is a HDMI port, along with Ethernet Connectivity enabling you to connect your laptop via LAN Cable, in case you use WiFi. Also there is a builtin SD card reader to copy all those DSLR photos you once took and found it tedious to copy manually.

Moreover, by providing three USB connections, it ensures you never run out of enough connections while using multiple hardware, such as charging your phone, using a wireless mouse and a standard flash drive.

But it isn’t just restricted to the ‘old’ connections, but also has a USB type C port and too the Thunderbolt one which is the latest of its kind! Not only this, there is also a fingerprint reader which can make it seemingly easier to login, than using a long password and a pin and makes sure your friends or your girlfriend never knows your password.

But, all that glitters is not gold. All these modern and high powered specs come at a price, and that price is your money. Starting from $1889, the laptop isn’t cheap, but its worth the money with all the specs they are offering .In the same price range the other branded laptops have lower specifications.

Lenovo is offering a deal at their online store which you can check out @ https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-t-series/ThinkPad-25/p/22TP2TTTP25 and the deal is totally worth your every penny!

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