Leaks reveal Apple AR glasses to start at $499 and a lot more

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The upcoming Apple AR glasses could change how we view the world and with new leaks pouring in, they are rumored to be launched at $499.

Apple is known for its bold moves and this time the company plans to release its Augmented Reality glasses, whether the world’s ready for it or not. It is not unknown to many that AR is a huge part of Apple’s plans. With these leaks, it has only gotten more evident.

Front Page Tech host and the source Jon Prosser shared presumed details about the upcoming AR Glasses from Apple. According to him, the rumored augmented reality glasses will have a marketing name of ‘AR Glass’ and a price tag of $499. As if this wasn’t enough, he also pointed that this new offering from Apple will come with prescription options.

He made these claims in the following video

To sum all these recent rumors about the AR Glasses from apple

  • Apple will adopt the marketing name ‘AR Glass’ for its new rumored product.
  • The base model for the glasses will start at $499.
  • There will be prescription options, but they will cost a little more.
  • Like other Apple wearables, AR glasses will also pair with an iPhone.
  • Both lenses will have interactive displays with gesture control.
  • An early prototype was released with LiDAR and wireless charging.
  • The original plan was to introduce this product as a ‘plus one’ with the new iPhones supposed to be launched in September, but due to prevailing conditions, the release could much likely be pushed to March,2021.
  • There are some rumors that Apple is targeting a late 2021 or early 2022 release.

Leakage of information isn’t always a pleasant surprise for companies, evident from Jon Prossner’s recent tweet.

There have been some rumors that Apple’s been working on something much similar to Facebook’s Occulus Quest; a traditional headset to create the need in the market. Apple’s AR program also gained some spotlight when a leaked build of iOS 14 had a secret app, code-named ‘Gobi‘, which was rumored to be a front for Apples’s AR testing.

Jon Prossner also suggested that there could be some delays in the Apple event this fall, pushing the launch of the new 2020 iphones to October. Given the COVID-19 crisis that has taken over the world, it seems very likely. A lot of analysts have actually seconded this notion suggesting that the highest end variant for the new lineup i.e. iPhone 12 Pro Max might not be available for order until October 2020.

Given the highly flushed launch line of Apple for the year 2020, with products like iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6, and AirPods studio, the AR glasses might be an unwanted guest in 2020. Apple has also launched its budget option, iPhone SE, this year.

Apple has pooled in a lot of its resources in the AR technology; therefore, it is crucial for Apple to play its cards right with the launch of this product. If Apple is able to pull this off, we could be looking at the world with a whole new perspective in just a few years!


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